Diabetes and erection problems

Diabetes and erection problems

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At sexual and erectile functions they are important for men’s health and the well-being of couples. Erectile dysfunction is a very common problem in men with diabetes. It is estimated that it affects one in four men in the general population, reaching 50% among those over 50 years old. By 2025, 320 million men will suffer from erectile dysfunction.

  • Erectile dysfunction among diabetics

  • Origin of erectile dysfunction in diabetics

  • Causes of lack of erection in diabetics

  • Psychological consequences on the patient

  • How to face the problem

Erectile dysfunction among diabetics

Sexual difficulties are a major cause of deterioration in the quality of life diabetic people and can even cause conflict in the love relationships of these patients. The most common problem is erectile dysfunction, that is, inability to have or maintain erection that allows successful penetration. The occurrence of erectile dysfunction in diabetics occurs with great frequency in younger patients and can reach up to 75% in older ones.

Origin of erectile dysfunction in diabetics

In diabetics, erectile dysfunction is associated with several factors, such as: increasing age, poor metabolic control, long history of diabetes, smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages, depression, use of some medications and microvascular complications of the disease.

Causes of lack of erection in diabetics

First, diabetics often suffer from atherosclerosis, accumulation of fats in the arteries that can clog those that irrigate the penis. In these cases, the erection becomes insufficient. In addition, diabetes can cause damage to the nervous system, either in the nerves of the penis or in the spinal cord. In both cases, there is a neuropathy that can result in less sensitivity in the penis, making erection and maintenance difficult.

Psychological consequences on the patient

The sexual failure caused by the disease can generate a feeling of devaluation and lead to depression. Instead of trying to solve the problem, the patient is convinced that diabetes will inevitably lead him to avoid sexual intercourse, which increases the couple’s frustration, creating new problems. a vicious circle it is produced in which, in the face of failed attempts, sexual difficulties increase even more.

How to face the problem

The most important action is control diabetes, follow your doctor’s instructions, maintain a proper diet, exercise, and take medications correctly. In case of sexual dysfunction, a doctor should be consulted to conduct the study to determine the causes – organic, psychological or mixed – of the problem and to carry out the appropriate treatments.

Many patients improve considerably only by recovering normal blood glucose levels blood and receive relationship-focused sexual health counseling. Still others need medication to help improve penis irrigation or to balance their psychological condition if there have been severe episodes of anxiety and depression.

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