Di Lieba Song Xiaobao took a group photo for the first time, the picture looks very dissonant, but it looks like black and white double evil

Di Lieba Song Xiaobao took a group photo for the first time, the picture looks very dissonant, but it looks like black and white double evil

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Di Lieba, a very beautiful, hard-working girl with a good personality, who doesn’t like such a treasure girl. And this is not coming to the New Year. The TV stations are also rushing to get it, and finally settled down and become the spokesperson of Beijing TV’s Spring Festival Gala. With such a high profile, it can definitely support this facade.

People who often watch the Beijing Spring Festival Gala also understand that every time there are two spokespersons, one man and one woman, the girl is Reba, the boy is Wang Yuan, the combination of siblings and brothers is very good, this is definitely a visual feast.

Beijing Satellite TV’s vision has always been good. The spokespersons of the 2020 Spring Festival Gala are Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi.

The spokespersons of the 2019 Spring Festival Gala are Cai Xukun and Yang Mi. I have to say that every time the Spring Festival Gala CP grows in the audience’s aesthetics.

This time it is Reba and Xiaoyuan’s turn. What surprises will they bring to us? Wait and see.

Both of them are versatile. Singing and dancing are certainly not difficult for them. In the interview, the two also revealed some small news. Wang Yuan is singing. This time, he will partner with a senior to bring us warmth. song.

Where is Reba? She sold us a big deal, except that the way to meet you this year will be very different, not dancing.

Since it’s not dancing, will it also be singing, or as a host?

Recently, a group photo of Di Lieba and Song Xiaobao was revealed. One took the idol route and the other took the comedy route. They have completely different styles. What kind of cooperation will they have?

On the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, Reba and Song Xiaobao will bring us a sketch. It turns out that this is what Reba said to meet us in a different way. It is still quite a pleasant surprise. What will Reba acting as a comedy look like? Am looking forward to.

We have seen Song Xiaobao’s sketches. They are very powerful and burdensome. They can always make the audience laugh. In fact, he doesn’t need to do anything. Just speaking, he wants to make people laugh. Reba can work with him this time, and I must be able to learn a lot of knowledge from his predecessors. I am really happy for Reba.

In addition, everyone paid more attention to this poster. The skin tones of the two became a sharp contrast, and netizens also made a funny comparison chart. Reba is the one who is serious about sunscreening, Song Xiaobao is you who came back from an island vacation. I have to say that it is too vivid, and this picture is still seen once and laughed.

When the two stood together, they seemed out of place, and the picture was very dissonant. This Reba seemed to have been uplifted by p, and Song Xiaobao’s height was also higher. So, this sketch hasn’t started yet, we are already first Smiled respectfully.

On the other hand, Song Xiaobao is really black, from the face to the neck, and then to the hands are black, as expected of the person named Jia Fei, just this skin color, no amount of liquid foundation can be saved. This combination is simply beauty and beast, and some netizens call it black and white double evil, these words are so appropriate, it is tailor-made for them.

Darkness is darker, but it also has advantages. This is also Song Xiaobao’s unique feature. Others can’t imitate it. It is precisely because of this that he is our favorite Song Xiaobao.

In fact, Song Xiaobao and Reba are not working together for the first time. In the “Extreme Challenge” program, they met each other and needed guests to jump from a height.

Song Xiaobao was very scared at the time and did not dare to move forward. Reba helped him over and comforted him along the way, “Don’t be afraid, don’t look down”. Such a caring, kind, carefree, unpretentious, and brave girl will Very likable.

This time the two are working together again, it is really fate. After the last show, they may have accumulated some tacit understanding. I believe they will be happy to complete this work. On the first night of the new year, we will see each other.


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