Device manager: yellow exclamation point

Device manager: yellow exclamation point

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In Windows Device Manager, in some cases a line appears with an exclamation point inside a yellow triangle. This means that a device connected to the computer was not recognized, as the appropriate driver was not found by the system.

How to identify the device

First, you need to identify the unrecognized device. If you don’t know, just remove, one by one, the external devices connected to the computer and check if the line continues to appear. If it is an internal device, its identification is more difficult and can be done through software. In such cases, use a program like

AIDA64 Extreme (download here) to analyze the disk partitions.

How to find drivers

When the device is identified, you should check for the latest drivers. Either the device has a driver CD, in this case just place it in the reader, or you will need to find the adapted drivers on the Internet.

Installing the drivers

With the cause of the problem identified, right-click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner of the screen and then select the Device Manager:

On the page that opens, locate the device in question in the list. Click on it with the right mouse button and access the properties. In the new window, open the tab Driver > Update Driver:

If you cannot find the device’s drive, it is recommended to look for it on the component manufacturer’s website.

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