Developers, please don’t take away the feelings of mobile game consumption.

A few days ago, I sat down comfortably, took out my phone, and prepared to explore the beautiful new world of “Dragon Quest”. “Dragon Quest Strategic Commander” is a mobile strategy RPG launched by SQUARE ENIX in Japan last year. It uses the monsters and turn-based settings of the “Dragon Quest” series, but the global server was only launched a few days ago.

I am ready to enter this mysterious magical world, which is full of cute slimes and huge dragons in the series, and of course those classic sound effects are indispensable. This legendary IP with decades of history once defined a whole game genre, and I also liked this series very early.

Ever since I was wiped out by the Green Dragon on the NES for the first time, my love for “Dragon Quest” has never stopped. Remember to buy keys before? And find Lot’s armor in an area full of dangerous monsters and poisonous gas? Let me tell you, this is a work ahead of the times.

The Mii fighter wearing Lot’s armor in Super Smash Bros. Special Edition

Closer to home, I didn’t feel any valuable experience in this new game, but once again ushered in the ten-year routine of mobile games. Although “Dragon Quest Strategic Commander” absorbed most of my firepower, it was not the only one to be complained about.

In the past few years, I have found that whether it is Disney or Star Wars or Final Fantasy, they are doing the same. At the beginning, I was full of joy to see the familiar IP come to life again, and I happily went to play, but the reality was often ruthlessly slapped.

These card-drawing mobile games don’t care about word-of-mouth at all, they only exist for consumer sentiments and squeeze IP “money” power, and they don’t have the face. Nowadays, they don’t even bother to fight under the guise, and tell the player straightforwardly: “Hey, don’t you like these? Take out your entire month’s salary and draw the card. Oh, by the way, except for the very easy face-to-face In addition to drawing cards, you can also spend money on messy things such as “battle pass” and “quick completion ticket”. Who knows? Maybe we can come up with some new charging elements. “

These games are just to find a reason for the predatory profit model, and now, the developers don’t even bother to continue to pretend. Given that I am full of praise for “Original God”, I believe someone in the comments will definitely think that I am too hypocritical. But I have to say something for them, “Original God” is a serious game first, and a cheating game second.

“Dragon Quest Strategic Commander” only barely sees a tiny bit of “game design” in the few mechanics. For example, if you want to get a treasure chest in battle, you need to weigh risks and rewards. But every aspect of the game is forcing you to pay. Want to win a difficult battle? Krypton point gems to revive the entire team.

The liver doesn’t move, want to fight faster automatically? Purchasing the “Adventure Certificate” will unlock the “super fast” automatic battle. Many games will give free draw times. “Dragon Quest Strategic Commander” is no exception. You can even use them to draw some S-level monsters. However, the strongest monster is limited to paid gems. You heard it right, although you can do quests to get gems, they are not comparable to paid gems.

You can get gems through quests, but the best monsters are limited to paid stones

Anyway, the whole game process is to put your favorite “Dragon Quest” monster in front of your eyes, and then encourage you to krypton gold. This feels very uncoordinated and makes people extremely uncomfortable. It’s like sitting on a roller coaster in Disneyland. I am happy when I am suddenly robbed by Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

But on the other hand…none, there is no other aspect. Apart from krypton gold, there are almost no other elements in this game. Everything is to drain the player’s wallet, then change the skin and do it again, and continue to pass the extreme The profit model and psychological manipulation to increase daily and monthly active users (daily/monthly active users). Coupled with some social attributes (for example, one-click sharing on social media after the card is drawn to attract friends into the pit, so that a group of you collectively fall into the sunk cost fallacy and guilt, “Krypton is all krypton, continue to play”), this way Once you come, you get a complete “mobile experience.”

It is this kind of routine that makes many core players dismissive of opponents. In fact, this is really a pity, because “mobile phones” and “good games” are not naturally opposed. But mobile games are often bundled with predatory profitable kernels under the shell of our beloved IP.

Developers always like to engage in other gimmicks so that they can say, “Actually, you don’t need krypton at all. You can get these as long as you spend time!” Sometimes it is true, sometimes it is not, but no matter how you wash it, Heavy krypton players can always overwhelm others. This is even worse in games that include PVP mode. To squeeze one or two to the front of the leaderboard, it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars at every turn.

10 even

Oh, by the way, I also need to talk about the physical strength system, which is the kind that consumes physical strength no matter what you do, and then needs to wait for a period of time to restore physical strength. Over the years, developers have figured it out and know when this system should start to work.

In the past, players who entered the pit for half an hour to an hour would be stuck in progress due to lack of physical strength. Now, this has become a science, new players will not feel the existence of the physical system in the first few days. These are not new methods, but they are now more complete and insidious.

Ways to restore physical strength include: waiting for a certain time, upgrading, using physical strength grass, and buying with gems

It’s a bit off topic. In short, although developers probably won’t listen to me, I must call out my most ardent request: Let these excellent IPs stay away from the business model of krypton gold supremacy!

I know that they are extremely profitable and difficult to give up easily, so after thinking about it, I slightly changed my request:

If you want to deceive krypton, just cheat, if you want to consume my feelings, just consume. There is no prohibition in law. You can do whatever you want. But, at least give us a serious game, thank you! I wish you all the best, now I have to start ten automatic battles to brush up the upgrade materials.

Translation: Wang Yi
Editor: Tony
Source: Bonfire Camp


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