Developer reveals game was nearly an MMO

Diablo 3 came close to being a massively multiplayer online game, also known as an MMO, instead of being a hack and slash type game. A former developer at Blizzard North studio has revealed their plans for Diablo 3 after the release of the second installment.

Before the release of Diablo 3 in 2012 as a hack’n slash game, the developers had planned something completely different. Proud of the success of Diablo 2, whose remake will be made by the developers of Tony Hawk’s, when it launched in 2000, the development studio Blizzard North had planned to incorporate multiplayer at the heart of Diablo 3, transforming it into real MMO.

Screenshot of Diablo 3
Screenshot of Diablo 3 – Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

The game is indeed endowed with a multiplayer mode, but this one has nothing of “massive”. Indeed, you can only play with up to three friends. Most MMOs at the present time have hundreds of players in the same game, or even thousands in the case of PlanetSide 2. Moreover, Diablo 4 which is still under development will not be an MMORPG, but its Multiplayer mode will allow you to meet other players in public places while the dungeons will remain private.

An MMO-style Diablo 3 and an expansion to Diablo 2 that never saw the light of day

David Brevik was developer at Blizzard North before the studio closed in 2005. He worked on Diablo 2 and the original Diablo 3 from 2000 to 2005. David Brevik answered several questions from the community on Twitter. An internet user asked him what he thought of l’original Diablo 3 before it was taken over by a new team of developers at Blizzard Entertainment. David Brevik then revealed that: “ he would be very different from any Diablo. I think it was really interesting. We used a lot of the game structure concepts from Marvel Heroes ».

The developer then added that Diablo 3 was to be an MMO ” in terms of the number of people playing simultaneously, not like World of Warcraft “. Finally, the original Diablo 3 has been discontinued. Indeed, the majority of the developers of Blizzard North left the project following the closure of the studio. Moreover, David Brevik also confirmed thata second expansion of Diablo 2 was well and truly planned. The developer revealed that he has prepared new classes, new mechanics and new places to discover. However, the extension never made it past the design stage.

Finally, the final version of Diablo 3 may have been very different from the game designed by Blizzard North, the hack’n slash game was still a huge success. He sold to 4.7 million copies lthe very day of its release. Therefore, the next installment is eagerly awaited by the community. However, Activision Blizzard recently confirmed that Diablo 4 will not be released this year.

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