Determined to battle China, Mr. Trump played a new 'strategy'
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Determined to battle China, Mr. Trump played a new 'strategy'

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said Trump's wait until after the 2020 presidential election to sign a trade deal would 'strip away' some of Beijing's advantages.

"This move will 'strip away' what China thinks will give them some advantages. Because once the election takes place, President Trump is in a good position, and when the election takes place and he continues to take power, there will be no distraction that will lose our negotiating position. ”, CNBC quoted Mr. Ross as saying.

US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross. Photo: CNBC

Mr. Ross's comments came when President Trump said in London on Tuesday that he "liked the idea that the US-China trade agreement would be reached after the 2020 presidential election."

Although in October, Mr. Trump once declared a 'step 1 agreement', both Washington and Beijing failed to sign the deal. The two sides have imposed many tariffs on each other's goods worth up to hundreds of billions of dollars. It is expected that Washington will impose new taxes on imports from China on December 15.

Mr. Ross added that he expected US-China trade talks to continue. However, there are currently no high-level talks scheduled before December 15.

While Mr. Trump faces a tough re-election process in November 2020, Beijing will target Washington's agricultural products and many other items as a key to its political support. American people with Mr. Trump.

“The president's goal is to always reach a right agreement in a timely manner, or anything like that. So, his goals did not change. If the United States fails to reach a trade agreement, Mr. Trump is completely happy to impose the taxes we have, ”Mr. Ross concluded.

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