"Detective Chinatown 3", the actor Chen Sicheng did not give a single line, but became a classic that everyone remembers

“Detective Chinatown 3”, the actor Chen Sicheng did not give a single line, but became a classic that everyone remembers

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“Detective Chinatown 3” has a box office of nearly 3 billion. Although the score has fallen below 6 points, it is still the mainstream movie for Chinese New Year. This of course depends on Chen Sicheng’s accumulated reputation. At present, the most worried thing is “Detective Chinatown 4”. I don’t know if I can surpass it.

The protagonists of “Detective Chinatown 3” are Liu Haoran and Wang Baoqiang, both of whom are very popular with audiences. I believe everyone knows the characteristics of Wang Baoqiang’s acting in movies. At the beginning, it had the characteristics of never to tire, and now there are many fans. Liu Haoran is responsible for traffic and handsome, which is also the key to the longevity of Chinatown series.

However, this time “Detective Chinatown 3” adopts the human sea shooting method, and the beginning is a nonsensical fight. This has the feeling of paying tribute to classic movies, and has an even more artistic effect. Some people can accept it, and some find it too noisy. There are actually more points of disagreement, this is the first one.

The second point of disagreement is the story of Anna Kobayashi. Those who have seen the reasoning can react quickly by watching “Detective Chinatown 3”, and Anna Kobayashi has a problem. However, the final reversal was unexpected and full of sadness.

This tragedy has been handled well, but there is a character praised by everyone, that is the mother of Anna Kobayashi played by Wen Yongshan. She appeared in few shots, but she was not as beautiful as someone from that world.

She took her daughter, it can be said that there is no end. In the whole play, Wen Yongshan doesn’t have a single line, she relies on her eyes to communicate with her daughter. Whether it was cakes or noodles, they were all given to my daughter.

Wen Yongshan’s temperament is very clear, which makes people feel unbearable. Finally she was taken away, her eyes full of joking and helplessness, with a little madness and despair. Let everything become reality, as if it was a story that happened in real life. The silent performance is remembered by everyone and has become an irreplaceable classic.

The beauty is beautiful, the acting is so good, it’s really rare. Before, everyone underestimated Wen Yongshan’s beauty. Now, everyone can’t help but ask, who is this actor?


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