Details of periodic maintenance of cars

Details of periodic maintenance of cars

In order for cars to operate efficiently and with good durability, car owners need regular car maintenance according to 5 different levels of maintenance.

Maintenance level 1: After 5,000 km

Many car owners will skip maintenance at this level, but if the car is to operate at a high level, road conditions and inclement weather, first-class car maintenance is essential. With this level of maintenance, the car maintenance items will be a comprehensive inspection both inside and outside the vehicle.

Vehicle owners should not skip level 1 maintenance

Vehicle owners should not skip level 1 maintenance

For example, checking automobile engine oil level, car coolant, car battery water; check warning light system; air-conditioning and audio system; Check the brake, gear lever and tighten all types of bolts. The outside inspection will include important parts such as wipers, mirrors, windshields, headlights … In addition, the fuel tank and trunk are also thoroughly checked.

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Maintenance level 2: After 15,000 km

At level 2, the car will be replaced with car engine oil and replacement of new car oil filter. Old oil filter after a long time of use will be filled with many debris and can not filter oil effectively. Therefore, we need to change the new oil filter so that the car is provided with cleaner and better lubrication. In addition, many maintenance experts recommend that car owners do not need to wait until level 2 maintenance, but can change the car oil filter after 10,000 km that the vehicle has moved. This level of maintenance should also reverse the car tires if there are signs of uneven wear.

Level 3 maintenance: After 30,000 km

This is a mandatory maintenance milestone for cars. No matter how the car works in any weather condition, maintenance after 30,000 km is extremely necessary. At this level, vehicle owners should change the air filter for the engine and air conditioning system, because the dirt attached to the air filter can affect health.

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Level 3 maintenance is importantLevel 3 maintenance is important

Maintenance level 4: After 40,000 km

This is an important maintenance level for cars. Vehicles need to be replaced with important fluids such as car brake fluid, clutch oil, differential oil, cooling water … The replacement of the fluids will help the engine lubricate, so that it works properly. more smooth, more smooth, while increasing the durability for the machine. After a long period of operation, the fuel filter will be scaled up, so it needs to be replaced to avoid fuel congestion.

Maintenance level 5: After 100,000 km

This is the ultimate level in car maintenance. Engine coolant will be scaled and lose substance after 100,000 km that the vehicle has moved. So changing cooling water at maintenance level 5 is a must. Regularly replacing the coolant will help prevent overheating.

Many parts will be replaced when maintaining level 5Many parts will be replaced when maintaining level 5

In addition, at this maintenance level, the car will be inspected and replaced some important parts such as car brake pads, spark plugs, tires, batteries … This new replacement will help the car to be always stable operation. and increase vehicle durability. However, each car company will have its own requirements for car maintenance. Therefore, car owners should refer to the vehicle’s user manual before having the car serviced.


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Items that need regular checking

In addition to maintaining the vehicle according to the above five levels, car owners also need to regularly check the vehicle to find any problems.

  • Brake system: Check brake wear, lubricate brake if dry.
  • Steering system: Check the steering wheel.
  • Suspension: Carefully examine important parts such as the spring (forks), springs, and rubber.
  • Lighting system: All lights of the vehicle must be regularly checked by turning on and off the light switches, including lights and signal lights to see whether the lights are operating stably or not. In particular, it is necessary to check the warning lights on the dashboard of the car. If the indicator lights turn on within 30-60 seconds after starting the machine and turn off immediately thereafter, the system is stable. On the contrary, if the vehicle has moved but the light is still on, the system will be bright, the system is damaged, and should be checked and repaired as soon as possible.

Regular car inspections are essentialRegular car inspections are essential

  • Battery: The battery should be checked monthly to make sure it is not dirty and has not run out of electricity or solution.

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