Details of Mobifone promotions on April 22, 2021

Details of Mobifone promotions on April 22, 2021

( On the occasion of Hung Vuong’s death anniversary, the network operator Mobifone launched a promotion of 50% of the value of the recharge card so that users can comfortably recharge their mobile phone.

One day after Hung Vuong’s death anniversary, network operator Mobifone There will be a special promotion for users. That is a promotion of 50% of the value of the card loaded on April 22, 2021. Details about this promotion are as follows:

Promotion period: Only on April 22, 2021

Participants: The promotion 50% is only applied to mobile subscribers who change 4G sim Mobifone from ΒΌ-April 21, 2021.

How to top up to receive promotion: Applicable to all deposit methods Mobifone Such as: Top-up by scratch card, online top-up, top-up via eZ Mobifone.

Promotion content 50% of the loaded card value Mobifone

Plus 50% of the card is loaded into promotional accounts, of which:

  • 30% to KM1T account
  • 10% to KM2T account
  • 10% to KM3T account

Note when participating in promotions recharge card Mobifone

  • Applicable to all current denominations.
  • Offer only applies for the first deposit on April 22, 2021.
  • Promotional money is used for 15 days and is only used for on-net and off-net communication.
  • Offer cannot be used to subscribe to 4G Mobifoneor other convenient services …


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