Details about Windows 11 – what Microsoft announced

This translucent mirror is also applied on the Taskbar and Start Menu design. This makes Windows 11 uniform from the outside to the inside. Speaking of which, many of you must remember Windows Vista with its Aero design – the shiny, translucent eyes that once made many brothers so fascinated that they had to install the Transformation Pack for Windows XP, exchanging a bunch of errors for beauty.

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Taskbar and Start Menu will be the two most characteristic components of Windows 11 because the Taskbar now looks like a dock with the Start Menu button in the middle instead of deviating to the left like the old Windows layout. Right next to the Start button will be the applications that are pinned or running. When you click on the Start Menu, another glass panel will appear in the middle of the screen, hovering, not attached to the Taskbar. Of course, if anyone likes the old-fashioned Taskbar, they can bring the Start button back to the left.

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And yet, Windows 11 also has a new set of icons, and they are animated icons with beautiful effects when hovering the mouse. In a quick introduction video, Microsoft showed off this with lighting effects when hovering the mouse over the Start button, the effect of changing the color of the Search icon, the rotation effect of the Settings gear. Panos Panay says the design team focused on every detail, such as the way light moves across icons or areas of the Start Menu, opacity for orientation, color and detail… everything giving those symbols a sense of “real” – a feeling of being able to touch them.


In addition, the motion effects when opening and closing applications, opening the Start Menu, hovering the mouse pointer over the elements of the interface are also more beautiful and smoother.


Windows 11 also has a new Themes system, which by default will include accent colors on two black or white backgrounds (Dark Mode & Light Mode) along with many beautiful wallpapers. Themes are also downloadable from the Microsoft Store, and Microsoft releases a lot of beautiful themes with high-resolution images, themes, and colors.


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