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Details about Safari Download on iOS 13 and iPadOS, what will you use it for?

Apple released the first version of IOS 13 and iPadOS, opening the Safari Download feature directly on the Web. This situation is not new to other mobile platforms, but for Apple mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad it is too new. It opens a path to help us exchange data with each other right on the mobile device.

For me, in 2009 when I just moved from Nokia to iPhone, I also felt a bit missing the Download feature. But then over time the habit of changing, I no longer feel that lack of that function, I am familiar with providing data to the phone through the computer, through the 3rd application. later, the online cloud service is more developed, I no longer need to use my computer to feed iPhone. Music I use online service is more than enough, similar to my image using iCloud..v

But not everyone has some simple needs like me. There will be many other brothers with different job characteristics, as well as different usage needs. Especially for those of you who are using a platform other than IOS, I don't know if you're used to Download anything, new brothers share more about the purpose.

Below I will introduce through the ability to download from Safari browser for you to use iDevice to see and see how it can help you in the process of use, and also invite you to share what you I want it to do it.

How does Safari Download run?

  • Some websites I try on the phone, there is a Download page that will run as usual, and there are pages that do not understand my operation, because it seems that the optimal interface for the phone, so the effect of the button Download is not executed (eg, chiasenhac). On the iPad with Safari's enhancements running on the computer-like interface will be less selective than the iPhone.
  • I have tried with a free book sharing website, the delicious download is no problem.
  • With storage services such as Google Drive, Mediafire, Fshare, the implementation of Download operation is completely normal.
  • The interface is a bit similar on the Mac computer interface, when the icon
    The download is located in the upper right corner next to the address bar, displaying a list of downloaded items.

To the right is the window showing the download history

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Click Download and there is a question window, click download and wait.

Where will everything download?

  • On both iPhone and iPad, the downloaded files will be in the Files application. Files will manage all data downloaded or imported from the USB port.
  • For audio file format: The device will store in the Files and can run the test, or if you use a certain music application that is not the device's Music application available, then you can manipulate the copy. Music file to the music application.
  • For Video Files: Similar to music, with the video format suitable for the device, you can play the video, or copy it to some video application that you install.
  • For File books, the best thing is, you download the file and click it to copy it through the Book app, and watch it without any further action.

Basically so. I don't have much need to download on the device, so I haven't tested everything yet. But any brother who doesn't want to go to the beta to try it can leave something he wants to try, I'll do it and give him feedback soon.

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On the left is the Management area of ​​the Files, I create a folder called Download, and select it as the place to store downloaded files. To the right is the default hint for downloaded files, what you will do with it in these suggestions or as you like.

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This is a sound file format, with suggestions for running music and videos in the suggestions section.

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Particularly for epub files, manually enter the Book section when you click to open the file.

Happy brothers.


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