Detailed schedule of old car maintenance in kilometers

Detailed schedule of old car maintenance in kilometers

The performance quality of a vehicle depends quite a lot on its maintenance.

How many kilometers should a car be serviced?

Normally, after the car has traveled 160,000km, the owner will bring the car to a maintenance center. This is also a basic milestone for cars, but if you want the car to be durable and working well, car experts more recommend that you should take the car for maintenance from 5,000km to 150,000km. Especially when reaching 150,000km, the car may show signs of downgrade and the owner needs to check important parts such as spark plugs, transmission belts, water pipes … to find out in time. and repair. This is the milestone where the parts of the vehicle have degenerated and maintenance is essential.

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Used cars should be maintained after certain mileage markers

Should maintenance after 5,000km?

In fact, most cars do not need maintenance after 5,000km because the number of kilometers is not high, but for those that have to constantly operate in extreme weather conditions, this is a suitable milestone to ensure that old car maintenance. The detailed maintenance mode after 5,000km is checked inside and outside the vehicle. Especially parts such as gear lever, clutch pedal, hand brake, warning light, air conditioning system. Note not to ignore external parts such as wipers, rearview mirrors, headlights, …

After 15,000km of maintenance what details?

This is a suitable time to change engine oil for a car. It is worth noting that many drivers only change the oil, not the filter. The oil filter after 15,000km will help cars remove oil residue in the old filter, helping the engine to receive cleaner oil. So when changing the oil, the driver should change the oil filter to achieve higher performance and lateral efficiency. In addition to oil changes and parts checking, owners should rotate the tires if it is absolutely necessary. This will make the tire much more durable, avoiding unnecessary accidents.

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15000km is the milestone for cars that need oil change

After 30,000km of maintenance, what details?

After 30.000km, regardless of the weather conditions when the vehicle works, the owner should still replace the engine air filter, air conditioner filter. This helps to ensure the health of those who use the vehicle.

After 40,000km of maintenance what details?

The details of the maintenance regime for old cars of this landmark are: replacing the power steering oil, cooling liquid, brake fluid, transmission oil, and clutch oil. When replacing these oils, gearbox and differential will be lubricated by new oil for smoother and more reliable operation. The car’s movement system will work most effectively. In addition to replacing the above oils, the owner should replace the fuel filter because the fuel filter contains a lot of residue at this time. The replacement will help the fuel filter to avoid clogging, causing bad effects and serious consequences to the fuel supply for the car.

After 100,000km of maintenance what details?

Engine coolant will degenerate and deposit deposits after every 100,000km of vehicle travel. Metamorphic coolant will adversely affect the cooling system of a car. Therefore, the owner needs to replace the coolant at this mark to ensure the car is cooled, no overheating occurs when operating. Not only replacing the coolant, the owner should also maintain and replace some important parts such as brake pads, spark plugs … if the maintenance staff requests to replace it to ensure the safety of the vehicle user. At this milestone, the vehicle owner needs to monitor and check the components such as the suspension system, battery, brake, tire … If there is any problem, the owner will promptly detect and repair it. before any danger happens.

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Cars need special care after 100,000km

However, the owner should note that the car lips will be required by the manufacturer for different specific conditions during regular maintenance. Therefore, vehicle owners should refer to the content written in the manual accompanying the vehicle for maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements.


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After 150,000km of maintenance what details?

150,000 km is a huge stretch and definitely an important milestone for old car maintenance. Cars will need special care by replacing some necessary parts to prolong their life. Specifically, the parts that need replacing are: replacing generator pulleys, replacing spark plugs, checking and replacing cold-block clutches, changing transmission oil, belt tensioners, oxygen sensors, fuel filters, brake fluid, shock absorbers. shock … In addition, the owner needs to clean the combustion chamber.

Car owners should choose a reputable maintenance center

When servicing, car owners should choose a reputable and quality maintenance center for the best car care.

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