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Detailed review of iPhone 11 to iOS 14.4: Performance is still very good, only the battery life …


Up to now, the iPhone 11 is still one of the iPhone that is interested in users and the release of the iOS 14.4 update makes everyone expect that this smartphone has improved battery and performance. What are you waiting for, let me evaluate in detail iPhone 11 to iOS 14.4 in the article below.

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1. Device used for updating and rating: iPhone 11

Before entering the article, I would like to give a quick review of the specifications of the iPhone 11 used for evaluation:

  • CPU: Apple A13 Bionic.
  • RAM: 4 GB.
  • Internal memory: 128 GB.
  • OS: iOS 14.3.
  • Battery capacity: 100%.
iPhone 11 in the new version of iOS 14
iPhone 11 in iOS version 14.3.

iPhone 11 is my favorite smartphone, I like it even more than the iPhone 12 Series. I also plan to ’em it’ soon. So, as soon as I heard that Apple released the iOS 14.4 update, I asked to borrow the boss of the iPhone 11 with iOS 14.3 to experience and compare the change when it came to iOS 14.4.

As I said at the beginning of the article, it is possible that iOS 14.4 brings new features, improves existing features, but one of the things that everyone cares about is the improved battery and performance. Read the article below right now.

2. iPhone 11 battery life changed, but better or …?

Let’s first see if the battery life changes when we update iPhone 11 from iOS 14.3 to iOS 14.4. Certainly, battery life is one of the factors that greatly affect iPhone users, even myself as well.

The iPhone 11 I used has a battery capacity of 100
The iPhone 11 I use has 100% battery capacity.

Although the battery has only 3,110 mAh capacity, but the duration can last for many hours. I am very hopeful that the device will be improved on the battery life better. Without saying much more, I immediately applied the standard test of TGDD to test the iPhone 11 battery, the specific conditions are as follows:

  • Experience 4 rotating tasks including: Play Lien Quan, watch YouTube, surf Facebook and use Safari.
  • Each task uses 1 hour.
  • Screen brightness: 100%.
  • Plug in wired headphones throughout and turn on the volume to 100%.
  • Turn on WiFi and social media notifications.
  • Do not turn on battery saver, screen adaptive, GPS and Bluetooth.
  • Dot from 100% to 0%.
test pin
Test iPhone 11 to iOS 14.3 (above) and iOS 14.4 (below).

So I have tested the battery life of the iPhone 11 in my hand is 5 hours and 8 minutes of continuous use. It is true that the intensity of this battery test is harsh, but when the iPhone 11 is in iOS 14.3 it gives longer battery life (5 hours 29 minutes). Test conditions for iPhone 11 in iOS 14.3 are similar as above.

That said, getting to iOS 14.4 caused the iPhone 11 to significantly reduce battery life (more than 20 minutes). I personally experience the phone and also see that the reduced battery has a lot to do with daily life, for example, I usually use 8 hours for work and the battery charge, now only using more than 6 hours has to charge already.

If you are a person who focuses a lot on battery life, you should consider carefully before upgrading to iOS 14.4.

3. Whether iOS 14.3 or iOS 14.4, iPhone 11 performance is still very OK!

To bring the objectivity and authenticity of the article, I have downloaded and immediately battle three of the hottest games on mobile (up to now) including: Lien Quan Mobile, PUBG Mobile and Call. Of Duty. All data and FPS data I will leave here for you to follow.

The new iOS on the iPhone 11 still offers smooth performance
iOS 14.4 on iPhone 11 still offers smooth performance.

Note: I have the configuration setup, good graphics in all three games.

First, I will fight League of Legends Mobile – my favorite game even though League of Legends emerges with more attractive graphics and general skills. In this game, I am very confident to push FPS to a maximum of 60 FPS and experience the smoothness of iOS 14.3.

Test Lien Quan Mobile on iPhone 11 to iOS 14
Test Lien Quan Mobile on iPhone 11 to iOS 14.4.

Coming to iOS 14.4, smooth and stable performance is still guaranteed when solo situations and team battles are handled carefully. This is the factor I like best on the Apple phones when it comes to stability and maintaining good performance in all situations.

Coming to the second game PUBG Mobile, I used the FPS software to measure it, and found the fluctuation level was very stable at 60 FPS. And when upgraded to a new version of iOS 14.4, the fluctuating FPS is still stable, but there are moments of fluctuating up and down a bit.

Test PUBG Mobile on iPhone 11 to iOS 14
Test PUBG Mobile on iPhone 11 to iOS 14.4.

That unusual moment happened when I was beaten up and collapsed after holding for nearly 15 minutes on the battlefield. But in general, during the match, such jerking phenomenon is very rare so you should be assured.

The last game I use to evaluate in this article is Call Of Duty Mobile. From the time I just launched until now, I have always been in rank and enjoyed the graphics, as well as the character movements in this game. There is nothing to argue too much when both iOS 14.3 and iOS 14.4 bring stability, thereby making it easy for me to win in quick succession.

Test COD Mobile on iPhone 11 to iOS 14
Test COD Mobile on iPhone 11 to iOS 14.4.

When experiencing the three games above, I found that the iPhone 11 did not heat up much and this is a commendable point for this updated version. I am satisfied with this point, but the reduction in battery life (like the first test) made me extremely thinking about whether to upgrade to iOS 14.4 for the iPhone 8 Plus – my main phone or not.

Also, besides the practical experience through the above three games, I also do not forget to use AnTuTu to measure points. It can be said that this is one of the factors that clearly shows the change in the internal performance of the machine, the results are as follows:

  • In iOS 14.3: iPhone 11 scored 489,926.
  • In iOS 14.4: iPhone 11 scores 508,402 points.
Measure the performance score of iPhone 11
Measure the performance score of iPhone 11 in iOS 14.3 (left) and in iOS 14.4 (right).

Performance, although not increased much, is still one of the bright spots that makes users think about updating new iOS. If you are a performance-focused person, when you see a smooth real-world test, now the score is also improved, do you want to go to iOS 14.4?

4.IOS 14.4 on iPhone 11 encountered some bugs?

When I update to iOS 14.4, I look forward to experiencing improved performance or a little longer battery life. But before I discovered it, it was surprising that my device encountered interface lag like in the GIF below.

iOS has just encountered an error
iOS 14.4 crashes when experiencing the swipe.

I’m quite sad when this is a new iPhone 11 that has this unfortunate situation. I had to restart my phone twice before the situation completely disappeared. We can fix, but the appearance of the above lag has somewhat made users like me feel confused.

If you encounter the above situation, please calmly restart the device so that everything will be more stable. Not stopping there, a part of users shared that after their iPhone updated to iOS 14.4, it encountered a crash when starting to charge from 20%. The iPhone 11 does not suffer from this problem, but if you encounter such an error, do the following:

  • Sign out of your iCloud account from your MacBook (if you have one).
  • Take the device to reputable repair shops to review the situation.
Sharing from a user when updating ios 14.4 has encountered a pretty ... strange error.
Sharing from a user when updating ios 14.4 has encountered a pretty … strange error.

In addition to those factors, iOS 14.4 also improves many features significantly. In the review of iPhone 7 to iOS 14.4 of one of you in the team has reviewed the details and you can click to see it.


So I have brought detailed reviews of the new iOS 14.4 version on iPhone 11. I personally appreciate that this version still gives stable performance, but it’s a pity that the battery drops and encountered some errors. interface lag is not worth it.

How do you think about this article? Leave your comments below and let me know.

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Edited by Vuong Gia Bao

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