Detailed instructions steps to push cars off the average

Detailed instructions steps to push cars off the average

Acceleration is one of the emergency ways to handle when a car is shut down in the middle of the road. However, to push the car quickly, it must be the right method.

There are 2 how to handle cars that run out of cylinders. The first is battery power and the second is the car’s ignition. For battery power, you need to prepare some equipment such as battery power lines and other vehicles to help. Meanwhile, with the way the car explodes, you can help yourself or call more people to help. However, before pushing the car, you must determine whether your car is a manual or automatic vehicle. By pushing the car, you can only use it when your car has a clutch pedal. In addition, you need to have some automobile knowledge about the clutch pedal to do it most smoothly.

One person cannot perform a car explosionOne person cannot perform a car explosion

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Instructions for troubleshooting cars not to explode by pushing the car

Step 1: Turn the key to turn on the switch to open the device.

Turning the key is the first stepTurning the key is the first step

Step 2: Return the number N, then step on the clutch to bring the number N up to the running position. You can put it at number 1 or 2. However, you should put it at number 2 to be able to start smoothly and stably.

Step 3: Next, you will perform the push of the car. You must ask for a helper, be it a carpool with you or a commuter. When the speed of pushing reaches 10 – 20 km / h, notify the person pushing the car away from the car so you release the clutch. When performing the clutch release, you need to press the gas pedal lightly at the same time. Note that you should not pedal deeply, it may cause shocks or not to accelerate.


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Crowds of people pushing the cart will make this easierCrowds of people pushing the cart will make this easier

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Step 4: If you follow the steps above, your car will start the engine and you need to drive a bit to check the stability.

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