Detailed evaluation of OPPO A52: The camera has been upgraded in a standard manner
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Detailed evaluation of OPPO A52: The camera has been upgraded in a standard manner

OPPO has launched the OPPO A92 and OPPO A52 duo this time, but the two machines are different. In return, in the detailed review of OPPO A92, I found that the camera was really good and also expected the ability to take photos on OPPO A52 as well. And now, let’s review this OPPO A52 and see if the smartphone from OPPO offers a really good experience.

The overall design of OPPO A52
The overall design of OPPO A52.

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1. The greatly improved camera is the strong point of OPPO A52

The camera is the strongest point on OPPO A52 and impresses me during use.

OPPO A52 shoots bright enough
Photos taken with the camera of OPPO A52 with automatic shooting mode in bright conditions.

Maybe you do not believe? So let me show you the image quality, but first of all, I will briefly summarize the hardware specifications of the following 4 camera clusters:

  • Wide-angle lens: 12 MP resolution, f / 1.8 aperture.
  • Super wide-angle lens: 8 MP resolution, f / 2.2 aperture, 13 mm focal length.
  • Lens depth: 2 MP resolution, f / 2.4 aperture.
  • Macro lens: 2 MP resolution, f / 2.4 aperture.

Reviewer Tu Hau had the opportunity to go to Quy Nhon last week so he helped me take some nice photos with OPPO A52. A new mid-range product of OPPO but I did not set too much expectations, but the result was surprising when the image was both bright and radiant.

OPPO A52 shoots bright enough
Photos taken in bright enough conditions using the automatic shooting mode.
OPPO A52 shoots bright enough
Photos taken in bright enough conditions using the automatic shooting mode.

The sky is blue, the trees are green and the scenery is authentic that is what OPPO A52 brings. I really like these photos, what about you guys?

In a wide-angle shot, I appreciate that the subject on the sides of the image is not too bent, but still ensures more details. Image quality has not diminished, so I am very happy to use this mode on the OPPO A52.

OPPO A52 captures wide angle
Photos taken in bright enough conditions using the wide-angle shooting mode.

The wide-angle camera is already impressive, but OPPO is still investing in more macro cameras and depth for mid-range products. Previously, my brother in my team had an OPPO A91 macro camera test, but I found that the quality of macro photography still has many shortcomings. However, in OPPO A52, the quality is not only better and the ability to reproduce colors is also not bad.

OPPO A52 captures flowers
Photos taken in bright enough conditions with a macro camera.

In portrait mode, I find the device clears the background, the colors are fresh and most importantly the hair is not erased. Therefore, the portrait photo looks quite real and this is one of the reasons why I like OPPO A52.

OPPO A52 portrait
Photos taken in bright enough conditions using portrait mode.

The last condition I tested was the low light condition. The photos taken in good light are good enough, so I was a little worried, afraid that OPPO would cut the possibility of low-light photography. Looking at the two photos below, I found that the night mode on OPPO A52 works relatively well, but it feels like the image is a bit blurry.

The OPPO A52 shoots in low light
Photo taken in low light conditions with the automatic shooting mode.
OPPO A52 night shooting
Photo taken in low light conditions using night mode.

In addition, OPPO A52 also has an O-dot selfie camera on the front and I appreciate this camera. Although the resolution only stops at 8 MP, the quality is not inferior to rivals in the price range.

OPPO A52 selfie
Photos taken in bright enough conditions with the selfie camera.

2. Design OPPO A52 … why is it different from OPPO A92 !?

In terms of design, OPPO A52 is actually not much different from the higher-end version than OPPO A92. If you put these two devices side by side, you can tell just by looking at the design. But if evaluating the perfection, OPPO A52 brings a breakthrough compared to the previous versions.

Design of OPPO A52
OPPO A52 has the same design as OPPO A92.

This is also the first time OPPO has designed a square camera cluster design on its product line. You may not like it (and myself), but given the fact that OPPO wants the camera to stand out on the back. The arrangement of the internal camera has many similarities with other brands when it includes the LED light inside.

Camera of OPPO A52
Camera design of OPPO A52.

The version that I hold in my hand is OPPO A52 black and this is the color that suits most users. I also like this color and also like holding the product thanks to the soft curved back. However, because the back is polished, OPPO A52 is easy to stick to fingerprints and you have to clean it regularly.

The back of OPPO A52
I also like the black color of OPPO A52 and also like to hold the product.

On the front, OPPO A52 has an O-screen with a size of 6.5 inches and Full HD + resolution. I think the screen display is quite good and relatively clear, so OPPO A52 will be a reasonable choice for you to watch movies, entertain and work. The screen border is also thin, but the bottom is still thick.

The front of OPPO A52
OPPO A52 has a perforated screen size of 6.5 inches with Full HD + resolution.

Owning TFT LCD panels, the quality of course will give a little less color than IPS LCD or AMOLED genuine clam. I also gradually accept this, because the price is good but the camera is upgraded. Therefore, cutting down the screen is also unavoidable.

screen of OPPO A52
Owning TFT LCD panel, the screen quality of OPPO A52 will be slightly inferior to IPS LCD.

3. Performance is not the strong point of OPPO A52

As usual, before evaluating the performance of OPPO A52, I would like to briefly summarize the configuration of the device:

  • 6.5 inch TFT LCD screen, Full HD + resolution.
  • CPU: Snapdragon 665 8 cores.
  • RAM: 6 GB.
  • Internal memory: 128 GB.
  • OS: Android 10.
Hardware configuration of OPPO A52.

With this configuration, OPPO A52 scores on average (measured by software):

  • Geekbench 5: Single core reached 309 points, multi-core reached 1,327 points.
  • 3D Mark: Vulkan (3D graphic score) of API reaches 201,880 points, OpenGL (3D graphic point) of API reaches 192.39 points.
Measure performance with GeekBench
Measure the performance of OPPO A52 with GeekBench 5 software.
Graphically measure OPPO A52 with 3DMark
Graphic measurement of OPPO A52 with GeekBench 5 software.

In real experience, I see OPPO A52 lag lag occurs in every game I play. In this article, I will prioritize testing three popular games on Mobile, Lien Lien Mobile, PUBG Mobile and Call Of Duty.

The first is in the game Lien Quan Mobile, I tested OPPO A52 in average configuration and the device ran relatively smoothly. But in the teamfight phase, OPPO A52 delayed phenomenon a bit. The device allows me to turn on a high FPS of 60, so I tried it and saw it, but the lag will happen more often so just play at FPS 30.

Liên Liên Mobile
With Lien Quan Mobile, the device allows you to turn on high FPS mode but it does not make it much smoother.

Switching to the PUBG Mobile game, the device suggested graphics at Smooth and the frame rate at Medium. I immediately experienced the recommended graphics settings and found that the OPPO A52 ran relatively smoothly. In the solo phase, the machine is stable, but stalking and discharging bullets, OPPO A52 suddenly lages up and down.

Test PUBG Mobile
With PUBG Mobile, you should adjust the frame rate to the lowest level always to ensure stability.

Finally, Call Of Duy and the CPU of this game are relatively good. At average configuration, OPPO A52 gives relatively good stability, there is a slight lag but not too much.

Test Call Of Duty Mobile
With Call Of Duty, OPPO A52 recommends an average configuration level and you should leave it as is.

4. The battery life of OPPO A52 is enough for you to spend all day

In the end of this article, I will evaluate the duration of the 5,000 mAh battery. This capacity is no stranger to the Andorid brothers, but each machine has different durations, so I had to test through practical experience. Test conditions are as follows:

  • Experience 4 rotation tasks: Battle of the Army (max setting), watch YouTube, surf Facebook and use the browser (Chrome).
  • Each task takes 1 hour.
  • 100% backlight.
  • Plug in wired headphones throughout.
  • Do not turn on battery saving mode or adaptive screen.
  • Turn on high performance mode.
  • Open WiFi and notifications from social networks.
  • Do not turn on GPS, Bluetooth and NFC.
  • Measured from 100% to 0%.
OPPO A52 measures battery life
Measure the battery life of OPPO A52 through practical experience.

Thus, 9 hours 3 minutes is the total duration of OPPO A52 when I use these tasks continuously. I personally find this number to be enough for me to work and play. Remember, I am testing the battery in standard mode with high intensity, so if you reduce the brightness, open the battery saver, the time may last more than 10 hours.

I even tested the charger in an OPPO A52 case. Unfortunately, we do not have fast charging VOOC, so we have to wait more than 2 hours to fully charge the battery ..

Charging speed of OPPO A52 charger
Measure the charging speed of the charger in the container.


So during a week of holding, experiencing and evaluating OPPO A52, I have to say that I like most is still the ability to take photos right in auto mode. The design stands out for OPPO fans, but also for other brands already using this style. What about the readers? Do you like the camera, performance or battery life? Don’t forget to leave a comment below the article.

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