Detailed decoding of ways to avoid heating cars in the scorching sun

Detailed decoding of ways to avoid heating cars in the scorching sun

Sweat parody, hot air and stinking smell directly on people … this is the scene probably every car ever met when getting into the car in the hot weather. So is there any effective way to combat heat in cars?

Car canvas cover

Many people use car covers as a solution to shield the sun from heat. Car tarpaulins (also known as car covers) are a type of canvas cover designed to cover the entire body. This canvas is sewn with many different fabrics. Products covered with cheap cars are almost made of elastic. Better line sew with umbrella fabric. Some high-end car tarpaulins are made of polyester fabric.

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Car canvas tarpaulin

Canvas car covers, although the thickness is from 0.10mm to 1mm. Almost every type of tarpaulin of each manufacturer has its own material composition and structure. But it can be divided into 2 main groups: ordinary canvas tarpaulin and tarpaulin canvas. Parachute tarpaulin has thicker plastic coating, better waterproof than tarpaulin covered with ordinary parachutes.

Canvas car umbrella canvas

Umbrella tarpaulin covered with cars has advantages, compact and light weight. Tarpaulin has a shielding effect, which prevents some harm from sunlight and heat absorption. However, this is only a kind of tarpaulin that prevents dirt, limiting the effects from outside causing scratches on the car. In terms of sun protection, heat resistance, and thermal insulation, tarpaulins are not appreciated. Because canvas car tarpaulin, although quite thin, is not a special heat-resistant material. So even if the canvas is made up of 2 thick layers, it’s still hard to fully resist heat. The service life of cloth tarpaulins is quite low though. If used regularly, affected by heavy rain and sun, after 1 year the canvas will fade, gradually rot and deteriorate.

Most of the addresses specializing in auto accessories are covered by canvas umbrellas. You can easily find this tarpaulin with full sizes of your choice such as 4-seater canvas, 5-seater car, 7-seater car, pickup … The canvas cover of umbrella cars ranges from 300,000 to 600,000 Copper depending on the size and material of the fabric.

Scores against heat and sun protection: 4.5 / 10

Polyester tarpaulin

Canvas car tarpaulin has the same thickness as umbrella canvas, but the fabric characteristics are quite different from the umbrella fabric. Polyester fabric usually has a closer connection between the fibers, so when touched, it will feel harder and coarser than the canvas. In terms of durability, polyester tarpaulin covers are more durable than parachutes. Polyester fabric can withstand heat, good abrasion resistance. In particular, polyester fabric also has less wrinkle properties. This is a point that makes it easy to differentiate between polyester tarpaulin cars and umbrellas.

Good polyester fabric makes it more durableGood polyester fabric makes it more durable

Regarding heat protection, polyester tarpaulins are more effective than parachutes. The ability to shield and protect is also better. However, although good, but compared to other ways to prevent heat for cars, polyester tarpaulin is not the best choice. Because polyester fabric inherently does not have properties against heat, insulation.

Compared to canvas car tarpaulin, automobile canvas tarpaulin is less popular. The price of polyester tarpaulins is slightly higher than that of polyester canvas, ranging from VND 350,000 to VND 650,000.

Scores of resistance to heat and sun protection: 5/10

Car sun protection tarpaulin

Car sun protection tarpaulins (also called automotive tarpaulins) are also a kind of automobile tarpaulin. But this tarpaulin has a special structure and use of materials than other car automobile awnings. Car heat resistant tarpaulin is usually made up of 2 layers. The layers are made from heat-resistant, custom-insulated materials. This is rated as one of the most effective anti-heat for cars.

Car heat resistant tarpaulins are made from custom heat protection materialCar heat resistant tarpaulins are made from custom heat protection material

For example, KOTADA’s automotive heat resistant tarpaulin, this canvas has 2 layers including:

  • The surface layer made of silver-coated carbon fiber on the outside has a reflective effect, reflects sunlight, creates a shield to protect the car from radiation damage, minimize the amount of heat absorbed.
  • Soft cotton padding made from polyester fiber in the middle has the effect of insulation, heat dissipation, cooling, helping to maintain the normal temperature for cars despite long parking in the hot weather. At the same time, this layer also helps prevent scratches, protects car paint. When users covered or folded tarpaulin, tarpaulin rubbed on the surface of car paint nor worry of scratches.

Constructed from 2 layers of heat-resistant materials, custom sunscreen, sun protection tarpaulin is rated for the most effective sun protection in car covers.

Car sun protection tarpaulin has two main types:

Sunscreen covered half the body

Sun protection awnings covered half body design covered the upper half of the body. Specifically, the roof covers, the entire driving glass and the car windows. Window glass as well as window glass systems absorb the most heat and radiation. This is also the reason for the sudden increase in the temperature inside the cabin when long parking in the hot weather. Therefore, when using a sunscreen covering the upper half of the body, the windshield system will be shielded. From there, help prevent radiation and heat transfer into the vehicle. Limiting the damage to interior components is degraded, as well as to avoid high temperatures. Sunshades covered half the body is assessed to have the ability to protect, against heat and optimal insulation for the entire interior of the vehicle.

Sunscreen covered half the body

This type of car covers also has advantages of compact and convenient use. Covering time and quick canvas, very suitable for use when parked in a short time. However, compared to the whole body tarpaulin (will be mentioned in the next section), the car sun protection tarpaulins covering the body of the car have not much effect in protecting the sun’s heat from the outside.

The price of sunscreen covering half of the body in the market ranges from VND 400,000 to VND 600,000. When buying canvas, you can choose the right size for your car.

Scores of resistance to heat and sun protection: 8/10

Sun protection canvas covering the whole body

Sunscreen covering the whole body of the car is designed to cover the whole body, including the roof, the whole body, extending to more than ½ 4 wheels. Because the coverage covers most, the sunscreen covers the whole body of the car for the most comprehensive and effective protection against hot sun. Accordingly, from the exterior details, especially the painted car parts, to the interior details … are shielded and insulated. Protected, wrapped up to more than 90% of the car, so the temperature inside the cabin will also be maintained at a stable level, the temperature will not increase, causing heat, underground tunnel like when not using canvas.

Of all the types of car sunshades, sunshades covering the whole body are considered the most effective solution. Suitable to use when parking long under the hot sun. In addition to sun protection, tarpaulins are also waterproof, rain-proof, comprehensive scratch-resistant when parking outdoors or in public yards.

Sun protection canvas covering the whole body

Although the manufacturers have tried to design the tarpaulin to fit tightly into the body of the car with fixed wires, but in general the canvas is still quite bulky compared to the type of canvas covered half the body. The covering time is longer, so it is suitable to use when parking overnight and park for a long time.

Car sun protection tarpaulin covers the whole body with all sizes like tarpaulins for 4-seater cars, 7-seater cars, pickup trucks … The price of canvas ranges from 550,000 to 800,000 VND.

Scores of resistance to heat and sun protection: 9/10

Car sun visor

Car sun visor (also known as car sunscreen) is also a sun protection solution for many people. Sun visors are designed to cover the entire surface of the driving glass. When a car is parked for long periods of time in the sun, the driving glass absorbs the most heat. Not only that, radiation through the glass can harm the interior details such as taplo, driver’s seat, steering wheel … in the long run easily cause discoloration, blistering, peeling … By these details Large made of plastic, synthetic leather should be quite sensitive to the harmful effects of heat.

Sun visor shields the entire driving glass

Sun visors are manufactured using materials similar to car sun protection tarpaulins, which are effective against heat, sun protection, and special heat insulation. Specifically, KOTADA’s automobile sun visors are composed of 3 layers with a reflective surface, and a special insulating buffer inside. Constructed with this material helps the sunscreen to achieve effective sun protection and heat insulation. Using sun visors, the driving glass will be shielded, the amount of heat absorbed by the driving glass will be minimized. From there, it is possible to protect the interior of the car well, especially to avoid the temperature of the tank rising, causing a stifling, hot and uncomfortable feeling when entering a car.


  • Covering under the car
  • Car seat covers
  • Car ceiling level

There are two types of car sun visors, the type that covers the outside of the windshield and the type that covers inside the glass. You should choose the type of cover outside the glass because it will be able to cover and protect the surface of the steering glass. On the other hand, this type also gives the ability to reduce heat, higher sun protection. Car sun visors have the advantages of compactness, convenient use, fast covering and can be folded quickly. Should be very suitable to use when parking in the hot sun for a short time. Regarding the ability to protect, comprehensive heat protection for both the exterior and interior of the car, the sun visor is difficult compared to the car heat protection tarpaulin, especially the whole body tarpaulin.

Sun visor covers the inside of the steering glass

Sun visor covers the inside of the steering glass

The price of car sun visors is quite different among manufacturers, due to the different structure and materials. On the market, the price of car sun visors (or car sunscreens) is at the price of 50,000 to 500,000 VND. However, for long-term and effective use, you should buy a good sun visor priced from VND 250,000 or more. Buy sun visors where good? You can buy at the address specializing in car accessories, so the priority addresses reputable, long-term operation, with a clear warranty policy.

Scores of resistance to heat and sun protection: 7.5 / 10

Car sun visor

Car sun visor (also called car sunshade) is also an accessory to help protect against hot sun heat for summer cars. Sunshades are usually composed of 1 to 2 layers. The outer layer is made of reflective silver coated cloth, which reflects sunlight, prevents radiation and absorbs heat. Car sun visors are designed to fit inside car windows. Products are often sold in sets, 1 car sunshade set of 6 pieces: glass cover, rear glass and 4 glass windows in 4 windows.

A set of 6 car sunshadesA set of 6 car sunshades

Car sunshades are also made of heat-resistant materials, but their sun protection effect is not appreciated:

  • Firstly, the sun visor usually uses quite thin material, cheap products have only 1 reflective layer.
  • Secondly, the sun visor is installed inside the car window, so the ability to protect the sun is very passive, because at this time, the system of car glass, especially the driving glass, has absorbed a large amount of heat.
  • Third, although designed according to the pattern, but the sun visors can not fit the car door because each car has a different design, so it will leave a lot of space.

The shield behind the glass only partially reduces the amount of heat transferred. Therefore, compared to the heat-resistant tarpaulin covering the body of the car, the sun visor is not as effective. Because they also cover the glass, but the heat shield covering the windshield will have a better sun protection effect.

Car sun visor

On the other hand, installing individual sun visors in a car can take a long time, if you have to do it alone. Because you have to move in many positions of the front and rear seats can fit all the sun visors.

A car sunshade set of 6 pieces usually costs from VND 90,000 to VND 300,000.

Scores of resistance to heat and sun protection: 6.5 / 10

Car window blinds / curtains

Sunshades or car sunshades are usually made from synthetic plastic in a grid design. Some types of curtains made from thick mosquito-net material. Sunshades or sunshades are often used to shade the car windows and the rear glass. Can be used when parking or moving. This type of curtain and curtain mainly helps to limit the sunlight on the car. Regarding the ability to resist hot sun, heat insulation, this kind of curtain or sunscreen hardly has much effect.

Car sunshades

Scores against heat and sun protection: 4/10

Automotive insulation film

Automotive insulation film is a kind of clear film (colored according to the light weight scale) affixed to the vehicle glass. The film has many effects such as reducing the amount of heat absorbed in the windshield, anti-UV rays, reducing glare for steering glass when exposed to the sun or headlights. Insulating film can eliminate more than 60% of harmful infrared and ultraviolet rays, helping to protect the health of car users as well as car interiors. Another advantage of insulating film is that the film is applied directly to the windshield. Should the windshield be protected anytime, anywhere, you will not take time to remove such as using curtains or car covers.

Film insulation for cars

However, according to experts, when the car is parked for a long time under the scorching hot sun, the insulation film is less effective. Because the main role of insulation film is to make heat transfer by heat transfer and radiation slower. Insulation films work best when driving and inside vehicles with air conditioning. Because at this time, the temperature inside and outside the car has a bigger difference. Cold heat will be difficult to escape and hot outside heat will also be difficult to penetrate.

When parking long under the sun, although the film has prevented radiation, but heat is still transmitted into the car. That’s why many people wonder why car insulation films are still hot. Therefore, many experts recommend that, even though you have insulated film, if you park outdoors often, you should still use a heat-resistant tarpaulin to cover the whole car. Another big drawback of that film is its high price. Accordingly, the price of good, genuine car insulation films from big brands in foreign countries usually ranges from VND 6 million to VND 14 million when sticking the whole car.

Scores of resistance to heat and sun protection: 5.5 / 10

Auto Fan radiator fan

Recently, Auto Fan radiators have been sold quite widely with a loud advertisement capable of quickly dissipating heat for cars. So is this small fan really an effective way to cool cars? Auto Fan is a small fan, using solar energy, installed at the edge of the car window. Auto Fan fan operates on the principle of creating convective airflow, pushing hot air from inside the car out and bringing cool air from outside in the car. The fan is advertised to be able to cool quickly when parking a car long in the heat.

However, in fact many users complained to this fan, even some people think that this is only a “useless” and “deceptive” accessory. Specifically, with a small fan like Auto Fan, there is not enough capacity to suck all the hot air in the car, even if used 2 to 3 at the same time. On the other hand, fans are powered by solar energy, but the car window has an angle of less than 10 degrees. Therefore, Auto Fan’s solar panels can only absorb energy when there is oblique sunlight, and when it is noon in the midst of the shadow, it is difficult.

Auto Fan heatsink is not as effective as expected

Auto Fan radiator fans are currently sold at quite cheap prices only from 100,000 to 200,000 VND. Because of this attractive price, many people do not hesitate to spend money to buy this fan with the desire to have a cooling solution. But in the end, many people were disappointed.

Scores of resistance to heat and sun protection: 1/10

Car sunshade

Sunshades are a relatively new car accessories in Vietnam. The sun umbrella is designed to form a wide arch like a giant umbrella covering the whole car. The umbrella is supported by a lightweight carbon frame. The whole box weight is only 4 to 6kg. The top of the umbrella is 25 to 35cm from the roof of the car. Some sun umbrellas have an automatic opening mode. Others open and install manually.

Car sunshades

The advantage of a sun umbrella is that it can block sunlight from above, creating a space between the umbrella and the roof of the car, so help more ventilation. Not only sun protection, umbrellas can also protect the car rain. Umbrella is very suitable to use when parking outdoors, when traveling picnic. Although the design is quite modern, many people consider the sunshade of a car quite bulky, heavy, quite inconvenient to use. On the other hand, if the car park when it is sunny, the umbrella will not maximize the sun protection.

The price of a car sunshade on the Vietnamese market currently ranges from 1.5 million to 3 million.

Scores of resistance to heat and sun protection: 5/10

Open the door and start the car beforehand

If the car is parked after a long time, the car is “warmed up”, you can cool down quickly by opening all the doors to allow air to circulate, the hot air in the car can escape. From 2 to 5 minutes later, you close the door, turn on the air conditioner. This process should be done before the car starts to depart to allow enough cooling time for the entire cabin. Both the driver and the passenger when entering the car also feel more comfortable and comfortable.

Open car doors to allow hot air to escapeOpen car doors to allow hot air to escape

Scores against heat and sun protection: 4/10

Prefer parking in the shade

This is probably not the secret to fighting strange cars, but there are many people who ignore, subjective. Long parking under the scorching hot sun is both harmful to the exterior of the car, both heating the cabin and causing the interior details to deteriorate quickly. Therefore, if you have time, you should find a good parking space, preferably choose places with shade, shelter or parking place in the basement …

Should park where there is shadeShould park where there is shade

Scores of resistance to heat and sun protection: 3.5 / 10

Each way against cars has its advantages and disadvantages. You have the flexibility to combine a variety of ways to achieve the highest automotive sun protection effect.

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