Destroy the headquarters of the Democratic Party, about to impeach Mr. Trump?

Destroy the headquarters of the Democratic Party, about to impeach Mr. Trump?

CNN recently reported that the imprints of former US President Donald Trump are still adorned by media channels supporting the billionaire.

Do you know how to beat Dang Dan, will you marry Trump?
Protesters in Oregon the day Mr. Biden took office. Photo: AP

On the day of the new President Joe Biden’s inauguration, the Republican pro-Republican Newsmax channel described his speech as “very dark”, “inconsistent” and “quite divided” despite the message that the New President “Unity” is brought about by seeking “unity” and ending the civilized wars “.

Another Republican support station, One America News Network (OAN), did not report Biden’s inauguration. While other stations were broadcasting the inauguration live, OAN introduced a video titled “Mr. Trump: A Patriot’s Legacy”.

“At One America News, we want to look back on everything President Trump has done and thank him for working hard to serve the American people,” said commentator Pearson Sharp.

Sharp later added: “Mr. Trump has achieved astonishing achievements despite the onslaught from the leftist media, which has maintained a one-sided stance since its early days.”

Meanwhile, news outlets supporting Mr. Trump expressed regret over his departure, focusing on how he ran the country for the good of the American people and his efforts to promote development rapid development of the vaccine against Covid-19. Trump was criticized for belittling the risks of the virus until the death toll rose to more than 400,000 in the United States.

Do you know how to beat Dang Dan, will you marry Trump?
Protesters smashed the headquarters of Democrats in Portland, Oregon (USA) on January 20. Photo: KOIN

Just hours after Mr. Biden took office, a group of protesters carrying anti-President Joe Biden and anti-police banners marched in Portland, Oregon, on January 20 sabotaging the Democratic headquarters in Oregon.

“We don’t want Biden, we want revenge,” was one of several banners like “murder police” and “imperial warfare” that the protesters were carrying.

Group of people smashing windows, spraying paint symbols of anarchism at party headquarters. Police say it is one of at least four groups planning to gather in the city on Inauguration Day. At peak times, groups up to 200 people.

The city police announced on Twitter that bicycle police went into the crowd looking for a weapon and seized batons with banners that could be used as weapons. Crowds of officers surrounded the officers, throwing objects at them, forcing the police to use smoke bullets to escape.

Do you know how to beat Dang Dan, will you marry Trump?
The window of the Democrats in Portland was smashed on January 20. Photo: AP

Portland is a regular site of protests, many outbreaks into violent clashes between police and protesters, since the death of white police officer George Floyd, a colored man in Minneapolis in May. 2020. Last summer, this place recorded more than 100 consecutive days of protests.

In Denver, Colorado, about 100 leftist demonstrators and BLM supporters took to the streets and gathered near Colorado State Capitol Building to protest against the new president, while others carried anti- The Nazis condemned Biden and former President Donald Trump.

Will impeach Trump impeachment?

The US Constitution does not specifically stipulate that the Senate can condemn a “former president” but only refer to “president”. This raised a lot of controversy about Mr. Trump’s case.

Do you know how to beat Dang Dan, will you marry Trump?
Wondering if Mr. Trump will be impeached?

House Democrats are expected to soon submit the impeachment clause to the Senate, though the exact date is still unknown. Sources revealed to CNN that the impeachment clause of Mr. Trump could be sent out on January 22 (US time).

After the House of Representatives voted to pass a resolution impeaching Mr. Trump on January 13, former Federal Court of Appeal Judge J. Michael Luttig offered a powerful legal stance.

In an article on the Washington Post on 12/1, he said that “Congress has lost the constitutional authority to continue impeachment proceedings for Trump after he left office, because of the sole power of The Constitutional Senate is to condemn or not to convict an incumbent president.

Meanwhile, Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal said doubts about the constitutionality of the trial were “bad”, as “nothing in the Constitution prevented federal officials from being prosecuted. impeachment after leaving office ”.

Meanwhile, Senate Minority Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has criticized some decisions made by US President Joe Biden on his first day in office, warning that Republicans will try to stop the proposals that they opposed, include: re-joining the Paris climate agreement, canceling the Keystone XL oil pipeline project and firing National Labor Relations Commission adviser general appointed by former President Donald Trump responsibility.

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