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Destroy All Humans! Invading gaming systems on Earth!

THQ Nordic said that the funny action game cum plays the villain, Destroy All Humans!, officially launched on PS4, XBox One, and PC.

A remake of the 2005 game of the same name, Destroy All Humans! following in the footsteps of Crypto-137, an evil aliens who especially hate humans!

He received the mission to Earth in the 50s, with the destination of the United States to collect human DNA and ready to … depose the aggressive US government.

Crypto-137 has many interesting possibilities, such as being able to read people’s minds to uncover hidden secrets (and quite … oddly), or to use flying saucers and horrific destruction weapons. to mess around as much as you want!

  • All Humans

Besides that, Destroy All Humans! There are also many funny features like:

  • Use coercive rays to turn the tank around
  • Use your esper powers to … throw the cow at the owner of the farm!
  • Discover the secret of housewives in the 50s!
  • Torture the “victim” to slowly die with … a head cap!
  • Use a flash of electricity to shock opponents in the night!

In addition, to give the player an overview of the game, THQ Nordic has previously released a demo of Destroy All Humans! on Steam as well as on the GOG site.

Currently, the sale price on the online game store of Destroy All Humans! on a PC it costs $ 29.99 (or VND 342,500), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are $ 39.99.



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