Despite being called to boycott, Nike shoes are still sold out in China

Despite being called to boycott, Nike shoes are still sold out in China

A wide range of Nike products with special offers have been sold out on Chinese e-commerce platforms, despite the brand being called for a boycott in connection with the cotton origin controversy. Xinjiang.

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The limited edition Air Jordan 4 sneaker was immediately out of stock on on Thursday (March 25), while the Nike Dunk Low shoes were also sold out on Jingdong ( immediately. after they hit shelves during a hot sale on Friday (March 26), as reported by HK01.

The latest pair of female Nike shoes reduced to 699 yuan ($ 107) on the online store in Tmall attracted 350,000 subscribers and sold out immediately.

The above phenomenon has caused Chinese netizens to have mixed opinions. Many of these, which are calling for a boycott of brands that refuse to produce Xinjiang cotton on suspicions of forced labor involving Uighur workers, have criticized the purchase as “hypocritical”. while others argue that it is a bargain that cannot be ignored.

H&M, Nike, Adidas and Burberry are among the fashion brands influenced by the extreme nationalism movement in China. In which, H&M suffered the most heavy losses.

For other brands, the boycott did not affect their sales in China. As of Monday, brands can still be found on major Chinese e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, and Pinduoduo, and consumer demand remains high.

The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) and the Chinese Football Association (CFA) are still silent on this issue. Nike is the CFA’s largest sponsor with a 10-year contract worth 3 billion yuan ($ 458 million) in 2018. Nike’s significant influence in China is said to have protected the brand from backlash, according to the CNA news agency.

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