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Designer Jony Ive left Apple after nearly 30 years of working to create a new company – VnReview

Jony Ive is the one who helped Apple create popular products and bring the most characteristic of this company.

Apple's chief designer, Jonathan Ive (commonly known as Jony Ive), will leave the company later this year, ending a long period of work at Apple, where he created photo products Best in the technology world, including the iPhone. Ive has led Apple's design team since 1996, now leaving to set up an independent design company with one of its key customers, none other than Apple. The company will be named LoveFrom, and join Ive as the famous designer Marc Newson. Despite leaving the leadership of Apple, Ive and Apple, he insisted he would continue to participate in a number of other future projects with the company.

"Apple will continue to acquire Jony's talent through working directly with him in exclusive projects, and through collaborating with the smart and passionate design team he has created."- Apple CEO, Tim Cook, said in a press conference."After many years of working side by side, I am happy that the relationship between the two sides continues and hope to work with Jony longer in the future.".

Ive is one of the most respected industrial designers in the world, and has developed numerous products, including Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and more. He also contributed to the design of the Apple Park spacecraft headquarters for the company, as well as creating the modern style of Apple retail stores around the world.

Most recently, Ive voiced a design video about the new Mac Pro that will be released later this year. Besides hardware design, Ive also played an important role in shaping Apple's software. He introduced the iOS 7 version with an overhauled interface in 2013, and brought this interface to Apple's desktop software, which we still know as macOS shortly thereafter.

Apple said Evans Hankey, vice president of industrial design, and Alan Dye, vice president of user interface design, will now operate under Jeff Williams, who "will spend more time working with design teams in the studio".

"After nearly 30 years and countless projects, I am most proud of what we have done to create a design, process and culture group at Apple that no other company can match."- Ive said."Today, the group is stronger, more vibrant, and more talented than any other time in Apple history. The group will certainly thrive under the outstanding leadership of Evans, Alan and Jeff, my most trusted partners. I feel strongly confident in design colleagues at Apple, who will always be my best friends, and I hope to work with them for years to come.".

Ive had a close personal and business relationship with Steve Jobs when the Apple co-founder came back to save the company in crisis in 1997. One of the first products the two collaborated on was iMac in 1998. This product leverages the monumental return of a company now considered the most successful and admired in the technology industry. Jobs even made a call for Ive in the legendary presentation to introduce the first iPhone in 2007.

For many years, Ive has appeared in videos that document the process of developing and demonstrating the design of Apple's latest products. Recently, he appeared less, but still voiced leading many of them. In addition to interviews with a certain design magazine, Ive mainly maintains the private life behind the aura of technology products he has contributed to creating.


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