DesignCap: Create posters and brochures in minutes

DesignCap: Create posters and brochures in minutes

Create posters and brochures in minutes, get inspired by hundreds of professionally designed templates, and create your own posters and brochures for different occasions and events. Enhance your posters and brochures with a wide variety of photos, clipart images, shapes, fonts and backgrounds. The app is fully customizable with many powerful editing tools that let you customize your posters and brochures as a professional with just a few mouse clicks.

It also includes hundreds of professionally designed templates, a wide variety of photo clipart images, text fonts and backgrounds. Choose from hundreds of poster and brochure templates to begin your design journey. All of these poster and brochure designs cover a variety of topics such as advertising, selling, wedding, sports, holidays and will give you some ideas and inspiration.

Regardless of the purpose of your posters or brochures, DesignCap will cover all your needs. To further enhance your posters and leaflets, you can upload your own photos.

DesignCap offers many professional editing tools to customize your posters and booklets to your liking, such as resizing, positioning, rotating, changing text fonts, color, effects, alignment, custom background application and layer management. Nothing can stop you from 'unleashing' your creativity to create stunning posters and brochures that will impress your audience.

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