Design personality, strong sound quality

Marshal Motif ANC is a Bluetooth headset model in the mid-range segment. It gives listeners Marshall’s signature sound, along with effective active noise cancellation, a host of modern features and an iconic design.

However, because it is sold in the mid-range price segment, the Marshal Motif ANC will have certain limitations. One of them is that the touch control feature is not very sensitive. Meanwhile, the battery life of the Marshal Motif ANC is only average when compared to other product lines in the same segment.

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Marshall Motif ANC

Marshall Motif ANC: Design

Marshal Motif ANC owns an iconic design language, which has appeared on most of its previous audio devices. Specifically, the pair of headphones is completed in a minimalist manner similar to the external speaker models that the company has sold before. The design of the headphones is emphasized by the rough plastic surface, along with the familiar white logo.

The pair of headphones has a good build quality with an outer shell made of hard plastic, which is very resistant to shocks. The design of the product is IPX5 waterproof and sweatproof, allowing you to wear the headphones during sports sessions without having to worry about damaging the internal components.

The design of the charging box is a harmonious combination of aesthetics and practicality. Details like the white logo and embossed surface give the box a very personal look. The Marshal Motif ANC charging box has a very good build quality, with IPX4 water and sweat resistance standards.

Sometimes construction materials can affect the comfort of a pair of headphones, and you can feel that with the Marshal Motif ANC. The hard plastic outer shell of the pair of headphones causes an uncomfortable feeling during long-term use.

Marshall Motif ANC

Marshall Motif ANC: Control

The control operations of Marshal Motif ANC are done through on-ear recognition sensors and capacitive sensor surfaces on each headset. Single and multiple taps, along with a long press, perform various tasks including playing/pausing music, managing calls, interacting with virtual assistants, and activating modes different hearing.

The pair of headphones, although not allowing users to change all these controls, but you can replace optional functions, including interacting with virtual assistants, EQ mode or activating features anti-noise.

Controlling the pair of headphones through sensitive sensor operations is not very good, causing me to sometimes have to press several times for the headset to receive commands.

The pair of headphones is equipped with proximity sensors, which make the product automatically stop / play music every time I remove or put the headphones on. The pair of headphones support popular virtual assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri and Bixby.

Marshall Motif ANC

Marshall Motif ANC: Sound Quality

Overall, the sound quality of the Marshal Motif ANC is considered to be quite balanced. Similar to most Marshall headphones on the market, the sound of the product is emphasized in the bass range. The bass of the headphones is expressed in a controlled manner, leaving room for the mids and highs to shine freely.

Inside the headset’s companion app is a feature called Equaliser, which is used to allow users to freely customize the pair’s signature sound quality. Here, you have dozens of different options, including built-in sound settings such as Rock, Spoken, Pop, Hip-Hop, Electronic, and Marshall.

Marshall Motif ANC: Active Noise Cancellation

The noise-cancelling technology of Marshall headphones’ products is as good as the sound quality it brings. Through the pair’s companion app, you get a total of 10 different levels of ANC noise cancellation that you can customize. In which each level will change 10% of the noise canceling performance of the pair of headphones.

In actual use, Marshal Motif ANC is capable of blocking low and mid frequency noises with very high performance. Noises such as the noise coming from the air conditioner, the washing machine sound are completely suppressed when I put on the headphones.

In addition, the pair of headphones also supports crosstalk listening. With this feature, users can clearly hear the noises coming from the surroundings without having to directly remove the pair of headphones.

Marshall Motif ANC: Companion App and Features

Marshall’s companion app doesn’t have as many features as Sony Headphones Connect, but it still has enough to give users a full using experience. In the previous sections, I have mentioned the main features of the application, including the ability to adjust the intensity of the active noise cancellation function, EQ and the ability to change the control operation.

The software has 3 sound settings available. One of them is Marshall EQ, and for the other 2 settings, you are free to change the sound quality based on personal preference.

Marshall Motif ANC: Battery life

Marshall Motif’s battery life is only in the mid-range compared to the segment. According to the official specifications, the pair of headphones has a theoretical battery life of 4.5 hours when used with ANC noise cancellation.

When listening to music without using this feature, the battery life of the pair of headphones is extended to 6 hours. During actual use, factors such as volume level, intensity of use will directly affect the battery life of the pair of headphones.

The charging box of the pair of headphones can hold from 20 to 26 hours, depending on the user’s usage habits. The pair of headphones has a fairly fast charging speed, with only 15 minutes will give you 1 hour of use time.

Marshall Motif ANC: Call quality and connection

Marshall Motif’s phone call performance is not very good. The voice coming from both sides of the dual machine has a not very good volume level. The headset’s microphone picks up a lot of noise from the surrounding environment during use, so I can only use the headset to make phone calls in quiet and secluded places.

Marshall Motif supports Bluetooth 5.2 wireless connection standard, providing a stable and reliable connection performance. The pair of headphones has a wide connection range, up to 10 m from the source device.


Marshall Motif ANC is a pair of quality Bluetooth headphones in the mid-range segment. The product gives users a personalized design, high durability and a balanced sound quality, suitable for many genres of music. The headset’s companion app offers users a variety of options and features. If you are looking to buy a quality Bluetooth headset in the mid-range segment, then the Marshall Motif ANC will be an option worth considering.

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Plus mark

  • Warm sound quality, suitable for many genres of music
  • High-performance noise cancellation
  • Personalized, eye-catching design
  • Stable Bluetooth 5.2 connection
  • Companion app brings many conveniences

Minus point

  • Battery life is just average
  • The control operation is not sensitive
  • The quality of phone calls is a bit poor

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