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Design director Jony Ive left Apple, founded his own design company

After nearly 30 years as director of design of Apple products, Jony Ive (Jonathan Ive) will officially quit work later this year. No stranger to anyone interested in Apple products, he is the leader of the design team for the iMac, an economic revolver for Apple in difficult times, or a home iPod music player. the early years of the 20th century, and other products to this day.

But the affair with Apple has not stopped here, he said, he will open his own design company called LoveForm, which will operate in 2020 and his first customer is Apple. In this event press conference, Tim Cook said that the company will continue to develop with the same design team, along with the collaboration with LoveForm in the near future, he does not mention who will replace Jony Ive's position.

Just hope not because of this change, but in the future we will no longer see or own the products that we consider to be very beautiful, modern and fashionable. Which will be new, more beautiful, more modern breakthroughs.

Jony on the iMac model

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"Goodbye and see you again"


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