Deputy general revealed shock: Pep Guardiola to Italy conquered, as a teacher ...
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Deputy general revealed shock: Pep Guardiola to Italy conquered, as a teacher …

Deputy general revealed shock: Pep Guardiola to Italy conquered, as Ronaldo teacher

Saturday, May 16, 2020 19:05 PM (GMT + 7)

Pep Guardiola has pledged his future to Man City, even though this team has been banned from the Champions League for up to two seasons. But it seems that the words of the wind, the Covid-19 pandemic caused everything to change.

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Video of Guardiola coach collision situation with Ronaldo

Pep disobeyed, left Man City?

The Covid-19 pandemic can be considered an “enemy” of Man City. In the process of “running a sentence”, but everything becomes stagnant with the defending champions Premier League. If the Sports Arbitration Court does not quickly make a decision, “Green Man” will become the audience of the Champions League 2 seasons 2020/21 and 2021/22.

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Assistant Manel Estiarte (right) reveals the secret of coach Pep Guardiola

Ahead of the Covid-19 pandemic, coach Pep Guardiola committed his future to City. The Spaniard insists that his contract with the Etihad team is valid for 1 year and he will honor that commitment. However, after the epidemic Pep seemed willing to swallow his promise to the Eastlands.

Share on Calciomercato, Mr. Manel Estiarte, a close friend and assistant of coach Pep Guardiola revealed: “I can only say that Pep loves Italy. He still has friendships and both influence in this country “.

The revival of Serie A is the reason for Pep Guardiola to keep an eye on this tournament. For a move like Pep, this can be considered an ideal land. It will bring exciting experiences completely different from football in Spain, Germany or the United Kingdom.

“Last time, Serie A is also gradually regaining its position after the period of decline. When starting his career as a coach, Pep’s intention is to be in four major tournaments including Spain and Germany. , England and Italy “- assistant Manel Estiarte confirmed.

In this interview, Pep’s deputy general shared a lot of important information: “I cannot confirm what will happen next, but this is definitely his plan. One more thing, Pep will “He has not worked as a football manager for too long. He will not be like Sir Alex Ferguson, who retired when he turned 70”.

Ronaldo was a student of coach Guardiola?

Estiarte is a close assistant who has followed Pep in many teams, from Barca to Bayern and now Man City. In real life, the two are close friends from the 1990s. Therefore, the disclosure of assistant Manel Estiarte is very accurate.

Deputy general revealed shock: Pep Guardiola to Italy conquered, as a teacher of Ronaldo - 2

Will Pep be Ronaldo’s teacher at Juventus?

Coach Pep Guardiola has been with Man City for 4 seasons and he is looking for another challenge at another tournament. There have been many rumors about Juventus inviting Pep to lead, especially after the Green Man received a 2-year ban in the European Cup.

Pep himself is a favorite people move. He has led 3 teams in 3 different leagues: Barca (Spain), Bayern Munich (Germany), Man City (England). So it is not surprising that one day he will come to Serie A.

In fact, in his career, after breaking up with Barca in 2001, Pep also played for two Italian teams, Brescia (2001/02 season and the second half of 2003) and AS Roma (2002/03). So, Serie A has become part of the memory of this outstanding military leader.

Still from the source of Calciomercato, Juventus is the number one candidate for Pep Guardiola to come to Serie A. President Andrea Agnelli is a “hard fan” of Pep and thinks the Spanish coach is the missing piece in the ambition to do. European hegemony of “Old lady”.

Coach Guardiola will be free to ask for any remuneration he wants when negotiating with Juventus. This is really a big game that Juventus is very determined to turn into reality.

And the prospect of coach Pep Guardiola as superstar teacher Cristiano Ronaldo is really worth the Juventini wait. Pep has leveled up Messi, and fans expect it to come to Ronaldo.

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