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Deploying martial arts ‘transmitting electricity’, the subordination of dozens of students

Martial arts “electric transmission” is a genre of martial which is no stranger to martial arts lovers of Việt Nam and China. The common point of this genre in both countries is criticism and skepticism from the fans for the masters.

Recently, a Chinese martial arts forum shared a video about two “electric” martial arts performances that were quite impressive. In the video above, both of the Tai Chi masters are causing the majority of students to turn upside down, struggling on the floor after being hit.

In the first performance, the Tai Chi master even attacked in a posture that did not directly contact the students. Even so, the strange attack caused 6 students to burst, rolling on the floor.

By the second performance, this time there were 15 disciples lined up. This time, the master after “practicing” had hit the first person in the line, 2 attacks only made the ranks tilted. To the final phase, the master appeared focused, before launching the same performance phase (meaning no one touched) but made 15 students turn upside down.

mma videos, martial arts videos, boxing videos



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