Dental care can protect your child from obesity
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Dental care can protect your child from obesity

A study shows that childhood obesity can be reduced if you pay more attention to your child’s dental health.

If parents try to limit children who love snacks, chocolates and sugary drinks, this can help them stay healthy and not gain weight.

New research has found a direct link between poor dental health leading to an increase in BMI (Body Mass Index) and an increase in body fat.

Dental care can protect your child from obesity

“Weight can be a sensitive issue, but if you talk about eating behavior along with oral health, you’re looking at this issue from another angle too.”, Louise Arvidsson, a PhD student at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, said in a statement.

“The question is whether a healthy diet can work in young children. This has focused a lot on physical activity and mental health in children before, but diet. Drinking is also an aspect that deserves attention. “

The researchers looked at the eating habits, fat and dental health of 271 children. The height, weight and food intake of children are closely monitored for one day and then tested for the prevalence of carcinogenic organisms in the child’s salivary glands.

Results showed that children with higher levels of tooth decay bacteria also had higher BMI and worse eating habits.

Children should be recommended to consume egg products, 400-500 grams of fruits and vegetables a day, fish 2-3 times a week and low sugar intake, saturated fat …

Arvidsson also mentioned that the research problem in his dissertation conducted at Sahlgrenska Academy also showed that using good and adequate food, science also helps increase self-esteem and better relationships with friends. and less negative emotional problems.

Moreover, parents who try to change their children’s diets by asking children to eat when they are young can see the serious health consequences associated with being overweight in later life.

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