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Denmark licensed Russia's Northern Flow 2 project

Gas pipeline system of Northern Flow 2 project in Lubmin, Germany. Photo: AFP / TTXVN

In a statement, the Danish Energy Agency said it "licensed the Northern Flow 2 project to build a part of the natural gas pipeline on the Danish continental shelf of southeastern Bornholm Island." Baltic Sea". It confirmed that Denmark had an obligation to allow the construction of feeder pipelines under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Russia's Gazprom Energy has almost completed the construction of a pipeline under the Baltic Sea, but before that, it had not yet been granted permission to move it through Denmark's exclusive economic zone. In early October, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that even if Denmark blocked the pipeline, the project would still be completed but redirected.

This route through the Baltic will double the capacity of gas transport between Russia and Germany, making some Western European countries concerned that they will be dependent on Russian gas. However, supporters, including Germany's largest economy, the European Union (EU), argue that the pipeline will provide a stable source of energy at affordable prices.

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