Queen of Denmark Margrethe II. Photo: Reuters.

Denmark jails those who threaten to kill the Queen

Denmark33-year-old man was imprisoned for 10 days for sharing on social networks intending to "behead" Queen Margrethe II.

The Muslim man living in Copenhagen was sentenced on October 28 for threatening to kill people on social media. A police investigation found the defendant posted several messages on Facebook, including discussions about "beheading" the Queen and the entire Danish royal family, threatening Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf.

Queen of Denmark Margrethe II. Image: Reuters.

He also threatened Danish politician Rasmus Paludan, founder and leader of the far right party, the Hard Line Party. The party takes an anti-immigrant stance and maintains a strong stance with Islam.

The man was denounced by his wife to the police after she worried her husband was deranged for using too much hasit, tobacco made with young tobacco and addictive hemp.

During the trial, the defendant said that he was Muslim but not too religious and had a beard just to see if it suited his face. The defendant emphasized that his threats on social media were not malicious, but that did not convince the judge.

Huyen Le (Follow RT)

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