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Demonstration in Russia on January 23: Violence or manipulation of Russia?


(International relations) – The US and the West are testing the strength of the batons in the hands of the Russian riot police.

Expression in Russia on January 23: Bao loan or Russia?

The political determination of the US and the West was to overthrow Putin and the Russian state government. But how? Military degree? America-PT does not want to die. Economic embargo? Did, but made Russia stronger, more independent and autonomous and now “exhausted measures”. With the “Color Revolution” (CMM), pumping money to incite people (the opposition) to protest, riot to create a Russian Maidan?

It seems that the method of using CMM is the most feasible because the US-PT money is not lacking, the forces opposing Putin – Russia in the elite, political and economic tycoons are nurtured by the US-PT. There is no shortage of money in the year 90, organizations receiving money from abroad, operating for foreign purposes in Russia are not lacking … All those are the premise, conditions, and the “need and enough” force to launch a CMM.

A famous figure, Alexei Navalny – “leader of the opposition against Putin” became a flag in the US-PT’s game called “Project Navalny” was implemented … starting on January 23. / 2021: A protest, riots all over Russia happen …

Overview of demonstrations and riots on January 23 in Russia

1, Cause

Alexei Navalny – the head of the so-called “Anti-Corruption Fund” (FBK) organization (which has been listed by Russia as “foreign agents-agents”) has committed a crime by the Russian Court 3.5 years in prison, but suspended. Alexei was sick, asked to be taken to Germany for treatment, because he was under probation, so at the request of Alexei’s wife, President Putin agreed.

In Germany, Alexei accused the Russian FSB of assassinating him with Novichok poison (German doctors agree, of course). After a period of treatment… he survived and 6 months later he was returned to Russia.

Arriving in Russia, Alexei Navalny was arrested at the airport by the judgment enforcement agency (FSIN). The court sentenced Navalny to detention 30 days before the trial of the FSIN proposal to force Navalny instead of a suspended sentence to execute the actual sentence for committing a crime while on probation.

This is the reason and the cause for a protest, which occurred on January 23, to pressure Russia to release Navaln immediately.

2, Scale, scope of protest, riot

In terms of scope, this was a widespread demonstration across Russia. According to Pravda, (illegal) demonstrations took place in 110 Russian cities, setting a record of demonstration actions in modern Russian history. Many people took to the streets in the following cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Abakan, Almetyevsk, Anapa, Angarsk….

Demonstration activities were also held in dozens of cities abroad: Berlin, Munich, Prague, Krakow, Helsinki, The Hague, Vienna, several cities of the United States, Tel Aviv, Copenhagen, London, Tokyo and other cities.

The scale was not large, because it was spread out. In Moscow, where the biggest protest was held, there were about 20,000 people.

3, Demonstration characteristics, nature, riot.

The protests, mobilized from the Internet, social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, as well as a video hosting service on YouTube, have incited young children to protest.

The majority of people go to protest not mainly because of Alexei, but it is because there are unpopular issues, conflicts with local authorities. This proved that Navalny support was not the number seen by the passers-by.

This was an illegal protest, there was a riot, happening again in the Covid-19 situation, so the Russian government took a strong action …

4, Evolution

In Moscow where the protesters clashed with the most violent riots and the riot police. The protesters who broke into and attacked the riot police were the main actions that mostly took place during the demonstrations that day …

5 Results

Expression in Russia on January 23: Bao loan or Russia?
The police are equipped with cameras on the chest to act to make extremists “forbid controversy” …

More than 3,500 people have been detained. Most of the people were detained in Moscow and St. Petersburg (1,396 and 525 people, respectively). The heads of organizations involved in “illegal protests”, “disease transmission” were arrested, investigated …

Authorities reported that 39 security personnel were injured during the protests. Investigating agencies have initiated and are investigating and prosecuting 21 criminal cases after the illegal protests on January 23.

Participants in the protests will face various crimes: some will be tried for thugs, others for assaulting police officers and others for property damage. . The penalty for such an act is 2 to 10 years in prison.

Similar provisions, as well as serious fines, await those involved in criminal cases that are initiated under the terms: “participation of minors in committing misconduct. the law endangers them ”and“ calls for mass riots ”.

In general, there were many people crying in prison, repenting, repenting, apologizing for their late words.

Consequences after the protest, the riots on January 23

This is an illegal demonstration, with 3 very serious nature: the first is riot, the second incites adolescent children to be a living shield and the third takes place during the Covid pandemic- 19 strongly contagious (contagious).

The essence of the protest was that the US-PT tried to salvage the “Navalny project” that was bankrupt by the Russian government in the past year and took measures to prevent and destroy the CMM “infrastructure” that the US -PT has been built over the years by bills and decrees that Putin signed aimed at “the fifth column force” …

So the Russian government made a very strong hand …

In addition to opening criminal cases, prosecuting the leaders of the protest, the indulgence of all Russians indignation is “inciting minors”, “infecting the community” … Foreign officials such as the US Ambassador in Moscow provoked protests, social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki … were also executed.

Russian parliamentarians are asking the Putin administration to forcefully expel the US ambassador to Moscow (we will clarify in the next section).

The Federal Service monitors Russian Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor) immediately and always adds, in addition to violating procedures to restrict access to prohibited information ( fine of 800-4 million rub), now if recidivism will be fined 1/10 of the total annual turnover.

It can be said that the 23/1 illegal rally is a strength test that spent a lot of money but did not bring the results as the organizers wanted. The Russian government has prepared well, including vans for prisoners, detention centers …

The Russian anti-riot force did not need a tornado, tear gas, special armored vehicles such as the US, France … but only with a club that immediately stopped the protest during the day. This was such a huge success that only a small mistake was that a policeman kicked a 54-year-old woman in the stomach of a protest group in St. Petersburg.

The drastic action of the police and the coordination of the investigation, prosecution and law enforcement agency … has made extremists, provocations discouraged and leaders confused by the sentence. prison that the Russian Law enacted and implemented.

It is announced that there will be more protests held this Saturday and Sunday. We wait and see …

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