Democrats want the US to stop controlling border immigration

Democrats want the US to stop controlling border immigration

Recently, 61 Democrats jointly signed a letter asking the Biden administration to end immigration control on the US-Mexico border, citing “Prevent the virus mutation in the US from spreading beyond the border”. On the other hand, Republican lawmakers have warned the Biden administration that opening a border to allow free illegal immigrants to enter the United States sooner or later will cause harm to the United States.

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In March 2020, former President Trump executed a CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) order named “Article 42“, Orders the federal immigration agency to return people to their homeland soon, to prevent an increase in public health emergencies in the United States.

As of March 2020, when the US implements “ARTICLE 42“Deported nearly 460,000 people across the border; Within 4 months after the implementation of “Article 42”, each month, 62,000 – 65,000 people were expelled from the border.

But now there are 61 Democrats asking for the Biden administration to end “Article 42“, On the grounds that allowing those who cross the border to return to their home countries is to facilitate the global spread of the Wuhan pneumonia virus. Those congressmen thought it could be done the way “Safe handling of virus “ to those who cross the border to allow them to enter the United States.

The proposal was made on Feb. 23 in a letter to the Minister of Homeland Security (DHS) Alejandro Dhaka. Congressmen said in the letter: “When global travel is limited, we have observed many frightening variants of the Wuhan pneumonia virus (COVID-19). [tại Mỹ], the relentless elimination and expulsion (those who cross the border) can spread the virus to their vulnerable country “.

The letter also wrote: “Leading public health experts have made it clear many times that, by adopting sound science-based public health measures, America can ensure public health and handle it. for those who come to our border to seek protection ”.

A few weeks earlier, 52 Republicans had signed a letter to Homeland Security Minister Majorcas, warning him that after Mr. Biden ended the policy “Remain in Mexico“And refugee cooperation agreements with Central American countries, “Article 42” is the only executive order to control immigration on the southern US border to prevent an increase in illegal immigration.

Republican congressmen wrote: “It is worth noting that the Trump administration’s ‘Article 42’ policy may currently be the only policy to ensure the southern border is not immediately undermined. If ‘Article 42’ is canceled then the daily wave of immigration of illegal immigrants will become catastrophic sooner or later. ”

In this regard, the Breitbart page has stated that the Biden administration is gradually liberating about 25,600 immigrants who have joined the ‘Remain in Mexico’ program into the interior of the US. These immigrants will be taken to San Diego in California, El Paso and Brownsville in Texas.

The worse problem is that the people who cross the border don’t sign up for the program “Remain in Mexico” without even having the chance to test for Wuhan pneumonia, maybe many people cross the border unchecked to comply with quarantine requirements.

During the first ten days of February this year, DHS released at least 2,000 people who crossed the border into the United States. In contrast, in December 2020, before the end of the “Remain in Mexico” policy, DHS only released 11 people who crossed the border into the United States.

Page Breitbart said that the termination of immigration control policy is not consistent with the opinion of the majority of US voters. This was demonstrated in a related poll conducted after the 2020 presidential election, showing that up to 5 out of 6 voters believe that closing the US border is important to minimize. the state of the virus spreading in the US.

Trinh Van, Vision Times

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