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Democrats seek other sanctions in case Trump acquitted Trump

President Trump held up a newspaper titled “Trump acquitted” at the White House on February 6, 2020, after the first impeachment trial. Photo: CNBC

To prepare for the increasingly clear possibility that former President Trump will pass an impeachment trial in the Senate, senators are preparing to submit a draft resolution for the second time in history. to blame a US president – and this time to prevent Trump from returning to the White House.

Democratic Senator Tim Kaine and Republican Senator Susan Collin are drafting a resolution reprimanding former President Trump for inciting riots on Jan. 6, killing five people, ABC News reported. But this will not just be a reprimand resolution. Democrat Sen. Chris Coons said on Thursday what Kaine and Collin are looking for is to use “the provisions of the 14th Amendment to eliminate future presidency. hybrid ”.

“That appealed to me and was something I was willing to consider. The bottom line here is that we have to hold accountability for the January 6 event series, ”Mr. Coons told reporters.

That accountability – through an impeachment trial and a subsequent vote to remove Trump from the future presidency – seems more likely now, after 45 Republicans quit. The petition to cancel the impeachment trial because such a proceeding against the former president is unconstitutional. Only five Republicans support the impeachment of Trump, while the minimum number of Republicans that Democrats need support is 17, plus a total of 50 Democratic Senators, to can award the conviction of former President Trump.

Resolutions against presidents would have no legal effect, but were strong criticism from one or both houses of Congress. However, it is not clear what the draft resolution invoking Section 3 of the 14th Amendment might mean.

This section reads: “No one will be a Senator or a member of Congress, or a presidential candidate and vice president, or hold any office, military or civil, in government. The United States or any other state, who has previously sworn in support of the United States Constitution as a member of Congress, an official of the United States government, or a member of any other legislature, either as an executive or judicial officer of any state, engaging in rebellion or rioting against those agencies, or assisting or consoling enemies. “

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Sen. Tim Kaine and Sen. Susan Collins are seeking support for a draft resolution reprimanding former President Donald Trump. Photo: Getty Images

“The resolution is still in the process of being processed,” Sen. Collins said, adding: “But I think the Jan. 26 vote in the Senate shows it’s extremely unlikely that President Trump will be convicted. , and five votes is probably a high number of Republican support… It seems more beneficial to consider an alternative that can attract bipartisan support ”.

According to Mr Collins, the resolution to reprimand former President Trump is still being adjusted and no specific date has been announced. One thing is for sure, it will force Republicans to take a clear stance on Trump’s actions instead of focusing on procedural disputes.

“The draft claims that the attack on the Capitol was a revolt against the US constitution. It is an attempt to prevent Congress from performing its constitutional task of counting electoral votes, ”Sen. Kaine described the draft resolution in an interview with CNN.

“It also claims that President Trump supported and comforted those who waged the rebellion by repeatedly lying about the election, slandering election officials, pressuring others to go to Washington. for a wild event that encourages them to flock to Congress. “

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The 7th US President Andrew Jackson (left) was also reprimanded by Congress, but the resolution was later deleted.

Sen. Kaine argued: “The 14th Amendment says that anyone who has sworn to defend the Constitution taking part in a rebellion against the Constitution or assisting and comforting those who do will be banned. Take on the position again “.

Kaine also said that reprimanding former President Trump will quickly clear the issue so that senators can focus on the top priority of President Biden and many lawmakers – mobilizing thousands. USD billion for additional COVID-19 bailout for Americans who have been hurt by the pandemic.

It is not clear how far efforts to issue a reprimand resolution will go when the impeachment hearing of Trump will begin on February 9. Supporters are worried that any attempt to reprimand Mr. Trump after the impeachment trial could fail.

The US Congress has passed a resolution reprimanding US President Andrew Jackson, in a heated controversy that Mr. Jackson unilaterally dissolved the Second Bank of America and fired the cabinet minister in charge. Bank establishment.

However, this reprimand resolution was abolished by the next Senate. Therefore, some see this attempt to reprimand Mr. Trump, if successful, will be the first time Congress has reprimanded a president.

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