Democrats introduced the 'No Glory to Hate Act' aimed at Mr. Trump

Democrats introduced the ‘No Glory to Hate Act’ aimed at Mr. Trump

Democrats in the House of Representatives introduced new billin which to prevent former President Donald Trump’s name from being honored on federal projects, buildings, statues, lands or other forms of commemoration.

According to the text of the bill, this law will “Prohibits the use of Federal funds to commemorate certain former Presidents”. Although Mr Trump’s name is not directly mentioned in the law, he is the only president who has been impeached by the House of Representatives twice.

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The bill, the “No Glory for Hate Act”, was introduced by California Democratic Rep. Linda Sanchez and co-sponsored 13 Democrats.

“Over the years, Mr. Donald Trump has supported lies, encouraged racism and hatred, then sparked the January 6 event,” Rep. Sanchez commented in one declare last month.

“A president has been impeached twice for not deserving the titles bestowed on a former president,” Ms. Sanchez added. “We should never praise the hatred that Donald Trump personified as President. This measure guarantees that there is no glory for hatred, be it a building, a statue, or even a park bench.

Special bills prevent federal funds from being used to “Make or display any emblem, monument or statue commemorating any former President who has been impeached by the House of Representatives twice,” include “Any highways, parks, metro stations, Federal buildings, military bases, streets or other Federal property”.

The bill also prevents Mr. Trump from being buried at Arlington National Cemetery. The Secretary of Defense will not approve a decision regarding the status of a funeral or burial at the Arlington National Cemetery made by the Minister of the Army, if it is for any former President who has been in the House of Representatives. impeachment twice.

In addition, the bill says that the president twice was impeached “Do not receive any benefits, other than the protection of the Secret Service”.

The bill also clearly states: “No Federal funds or other Federal financial assistance can be provided to a state, political subdivision or organization of that state, as long as the funds or grants are it is used for any building, property, architecture, grounds or any other property named, or named, or designated in honor of any former President who has been The House of Representatives impeaches twice. “

Rep. Sanchez recalled the events that took place inside the Capitol on January 6 and stressed that students should not attend a named school. “In honor of a betraying president”: “I remember receiving the horrifying news that no one came to help us, that the National Guard was disapproved, while the police officers were being beaten and trampled. Nobody, I think, ever provoked this rebellious act should be treated to the same high standards as we do for our former presidents who have served conscientiously. Even though Mr. Trump is no longer in office, he is still held accountable for his actions and the budget should not be paid for his future actions. I can’t imagine letting students in Southern California, or anywhere in America, go to a school named in honor of a traitorous president. “

The bill co-sponsors include: Rep. Jan Schakowsky (Illinois), Rep. Grace Napolitano (California), Rep. Danny K. Davis (Illinois), Rep. André Carson (state Indiana), Representative. Veronica Escobar (Texas), Rep. Barbara Lee (California), Representative Earl Blumenauer (Oregon), Representative Jahana Hayes (Connecticut), Representative. Ruben Gallego (Arizona), Rep. Gerry Connolly (Virginia), Representative Alan Lowenthal (California), Rep. Nikema Williams (Georgia), and Rep. Judy Chu (California).

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