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Democratic Party TNS asked the US Department of Defense to provide information on the delay in aid to Ukraine

According to the Vietnam News Agency correspondent, in a letter to Defense Secretary Mark Esper, a senior member of the Senate Military Commission, Jack Reed and Senator Dick Durbin, the second key figure of the Democratic Party in The Senate has submitted a series of questions regarding the delay of $ 400 million in military aid to Ukraine.

US Department of Defense headquarters. Photo: US Department of Defense

In the letter, the senators affirmed that the delay in important military aid to Ukraine raised serious concerns about the Ministry of Defense's management of security aid and government compliance. with respect to statutory obligations. Senators also said that the Trump administration did not notify the committees of the decision or give reasons for the delay.

As a result, senators requested the Pentagon to provide information on the leader of the aid freezing; way of directing; whether anyone in the Ministry of Defense expressed concern about the decision and how to address that concern; and why the government did not notify the monitoring committee about the delay in a timely manner.

Earlier in May, US defense officials informed Congress about plans to send aid to Ukraine, but in July, the White House Administration and Budget Office ordered the Pentagon to keep back the aid.

The decision to postpone aid to Ukraine is now at the center of a impeachment investigation against US President Donald Trump that the Democratic Party is conducting. The party accused President Trump of using the aid to pressure Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, his potential political opponent in the race to the White House in 2020. during a phone call in July.

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