Demand for Sony camcorders surged despite the pandemic

Demand for Sony camcorders surged despite the pandemic

Although the pandemic is still complicated, production demand is recovering strongly.

Follow Cinematography World, series of cinematic blockbusters like Black Widow, No Time to Die postponement does not make the film industry falter. In fact, many other manufacturing projects continue to roll under the condition of strict adherence to epidemic prevention rules. This is partly reflected in the demand for Sony’s CineAlta VENICE cinema camera.

Equipment rentals in Europe are seeing a surge in demand for Sony camcorders, as film and TV program production recovers strongly. A variety of projects are using this device for shooting, like season four The Crown, season two His Dark Materials, Small Ax, I Hate Suzie, Two Weeks To Live, Bridgerton, …

Dynamic Rentals, a major rental company in the world, said that it had invested in a camera and video support system VENICE two years ago and is now reaping the fruits of this decision. Currently, more than 50 CineAlta VENICE cameras are rented across five continents, in more than 15 countries, and in 25 markets globally.

CineAlta VENICE camera system recorded for the blockbuster “Top Gun: Maverick” by Paramount Pictures (photo: Paramount)

Dynamic Rentals owner Brandon Zachary commented on the demand for Sony’s flagship camcorders: “To claim it is like an upward parabolic curve.” He explained that rental units not only have to deal with COVID-19 but also the investment problem, should focus on Super35 or full-frame. CineAlta VENICE has solved this completely.

“The ability to flexibly switch between Super35 and full-frame on VENICE is really a plus. Not only is it convenient in shooting for film crews, it also becomes a safe ‘shelter’ for singles. rental and production “ – Brandon said. The representative of Sony Europe said he was delighted that production demand has increased again, especially when their VENICE cameras have contributed a part to the filmmaker’s work.

CineAlta VENICE is the camcorder model announced by Sony in 2017, the first generation of the CineAlta series to feature a 36x24mm full-frame sensor. The camera has 6K resolution, 15-stop dynamic ranges, new color management system, 8-stage ND filter, weatherproof body, 16-bit RAW recording. The selling price for the body alone is $ 42,000.

“The Crown” produced by Sony Pictures for Netflix also uses the VENICE camera (photo: YMCinema)

Production unit Camberwell Studios in the UK commented that VENICE has many advantages. Includes impressive color management, full-frame sensor value, full input and output ports for professional workflow, dual native ISO for extreme low-light performance . However, the product has the downside is heavy, some features have to wait for Sony to update the firmware later.

This is a product that has been very popular with cinematographers recently. At the 72nd Emmy Awards, Sony camcorders are behind 5 projects that are nominated for Best Cinematography include Westworld, Ozark, The Plot Against America, … In the Golden Globe nominations list announced by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), VENICE has also filmed many projects. For example The Flight Attendant, Lovecraft Country, The Father, Two of Us, …

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