Dell Battery Meter setting reduces battery bottle.

Dell Battery Meter setting reduces battery bottle.

What percentage of your laptop’s battery is bottle? How do you limit battery bottle mode? You can use the Dell Battery Meter software to reduce battery bottle level on your computer.

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Dell Battery Meter supports battery management, helps reduce battery bottles built-in on models such as Dell Vostro, Inspiron … with useful features, easy to use.

Capital is a built-in part when you install Driver for Laptop, but it is in Driver Quickset, so if you install Driver without installing this part, it will not be available. You can download them here

battery bottle

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After installation we have the main interface of the Dell Battery Meter simple with 3 cards: Battery Status, Battery Life, Battery Health.

Pin bottle for dell
Dell Battery Meter interface

The Battery Status card gives you information about the status of the battery such as: The battery is charging or not, how many% …
Battery Health Battery health. Here is information about how many percent of your battery has been bottled to help you measure the level and speed of the battery bottle.
Battery Life is the part that helps to minimize the power consumption of the device while increasing the durability of the battery by turning off the charging feature and using the battery when plugged in. This article the writer will guide you to set up anti-bottle batteries in card Battery Life.

Step 1: Turn on the Battery Meter dialog box
First, you turn on the Battery Meter dialog box by clicking on the icon The battery the corner of the screen select Dell Battery Meter

Step 2: Activate the Disable battery charging mode
To activate the Disable battery charging mode we choose the card Battery Life in the dialog box Battery Meter => select Disable battery charging as shown below.

The purpose of this is to turn off the charging feature and use the battery when plugging in, in other words your computer only uses the power source directly from the Adapter, the battery will not charge even if it is plugged in. This is how the software works to reduce battery bottle.
Please restart your computer for the settings to take effect. For example, in the picture above I choose to watch movies, surf the web, text, photoshop … and when installed you see the message “16% available (plugged in, not charging)” means “the battery is 16 %, plugged in, but not charging “. When you want to use Dell Battery Meter you press Fn + F2 or F3.
Above is how to install Dell Battery Meter to help reduce the bottle of the battery for Dell computers. In addition, if you use other models, you can refer to the article. Synthesize how to use batteries effectively.

Hope you are succesful !


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