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Default phone ringtone: not good music is good

If the screen is what we look at the most when using a smartphone, the ringtone will also be the sound we hear the most every day. Therefore, this factor will also greatly determine the user experience for a phone.

Besides the quality of the smartphone's external speaker, the content of the ringtone sound is also a big influence, making the phone more friendly or more annoying when a call comes. In fact, due to the size limits, the space and the specific design, the things that are heard on the speakerphone cannot be the same as when listening on a portable speaker or a hifi or hi-end system.

The selection of ringtone sound content also has a big impact. Can be divided into two basic groups of simple and repetitive sounds or melodies and a complex song. Personally, I think the first option will be appropriate to make the phone ringtone more, and it will not be too difficult to be boring.

Below is a list of some of the default ringtones of some of the phone representatives I have approached recently. Please listen to see which one is easier and more friendly. You click play below to listen to the ringtone of each machine, then choose your love level with that ringtone on a scale from 1 to 5. Invite you


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