#Deeptalk: Samsung Galaxy A22 and the strangeness of the universal device

When it comes to 5G, cameras with OIS or screens with high refresh rates, we often think of flagships, such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or Note 20 Ulra, etc. , a word but it’s big when it seems that perhaps Samsung is changing our thoughts with the Galaxy A22 5G they just launched.

In the framework of this article, I want to share more with you about the interesting points on the machine in the segment of only 6 million.

The first point that I mentioned, is the 5G connection. Starting from about a year ago, 5G connectivity began to be deployed for high-end devices. Some representatives of Samsung can be mentioned such as Galaxy Note20, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Z fold2 or the Galaxy Tab S7+ tablet, for example. They all have one thing in common, which is the price of the flag ship. Until recently, high-end or mid-range devices, like the Galaxy A series, were a prime example of being equipped with 5G – as a way of bringing features inherent to high-end devices down to segments. lower segments, contributing to enhanced user experience in these segments.

In fact, bringing 5G down to the A series makes me think that this is the limit in the balance between hardware equipment and cost. Therefore, I am quite surprised when one of the cheapest A series devices like Galaxy A22 with only 5-6 million VND also has 5G connectivity, contributing to popularizing this technology to more people. The distance between devices in the popular segment is now also closer to each other, as well as closer to higher-end models.

Remember back in 2019 at the Tech Summit event, Qualcomm said that the popularization of 5G will depend mainly on the efforts of companies, especially in the popular and mid-range electricity segments. That is the prerequisite in promoting 5G to a popular standard like the current 4G, instead of just focusing on high-end devices, whose customer base is also limited by many factors. Of course, that also depends on the trade-off and balance between profit margins, as well as the product development strategy and the existing product platform.

5G is of course convenient with much faster bandwidth than 4G. It allows more devices to connect to the same system, same station with lower latency. From here, playing games, controlling smart homes or communicating between devices becomes smoother and more comfortable.


Another feature on this Galaxy A22 5G that I also really like is the refresh rate up to 90Hz. High screen refresh rate is also a factor that we often think of on higher-end models and other machines that are often not invested too much in high-end screen technology. But like the 5G mentioned above, now with only 5-6 million, users can experience a much smoother screen than the traditional 60Hz when surfing Facebook, playing games or watching videos, for example. . That is another rather strange point for this A22.

To be fair, the screen design with the slightly thick bottom border and the water drop part is not a new design, … few would think that it will have a higher refresh rate than the inherent 60Hz figure. standard from many years ago. However, the large screen size and especially the 90Hz refresh rate contribute to making the A22’s screen more “balanced”, somewhat filling the comments that may not be sexy in terms of screen design.


Another feature that I find impressive in this price range phone is OIS optical stabilization. This is a very rare feature on smartphones in this segment. In a nutshell, its benefits allow us to take clear photos, capture moments or subjects in a wider variety of situations.

We often care about color, beauty mode, … but often forget about OIS. In fact, to be able to create a good photo, basically, hardware is still an extremely important factor. The image must be sharp first, must not burn or purple border, and then take into account other factors in terms of information processing after taking it. Therefore, equipping OIS is extremely valuable for a popular device that is rarely cared about about the camera. In the usual scenario, we will only have a large screen + big + durable battery and the camera is the one that will usually “accept” because of that price range! And that is also the reason why I find this machine strange.


Besides equipping notable hardware, including optical stabilization, 5G and 90Hz screen, Samsung also does a great job in design and finishing. I am using a mint green machine with a Polycarbonate back that provides a very good tactile experience. This back, which we also call glasstic, makes me imagine holding high-end matte glass devices like the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Even if I held this machine 1-2 years ago, I might be reminded of high-end devices, not just a machine around 6 million.

And here are some of my shares about this Galaxy A22 5G device after a while of experience. If you have any questions or feelings about this machine that I think is interesting and has a pretty good p/p, please comment below for everyone to discuss.

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