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DeepNude and technology ethics: you have power in your hands, be careful with it

The technology and ethics story always comes together, and the recent DeepNude AI application for creating women's nude photos from full virtual photo wear is the most obvious example. Andrwe Ng, one of the most influential people in artificial intelligence, wrote on Facebook expressing his joy when Deepfake was lowered, and reminded the AI ​​community as follows: You have super power in hand, and Every thing you make is important. Use your strength for worthy projects and help the world move forward.

The nature of AI is just an algorithm, and its "learning" is actually a simulation of human learning, not something terrible. What AI can do is actually what people do, except that it has no concept of what should be done, and "morality" of AI is actually the morality of the person. make it.

Applications such as Deepfake AI for creating porn videos from real faces, or DeepNude for nude photos, are the most disgusting applications of artificial intelligence, which absolutely does not solve the problem. Great or useful. It may prove to be a good level of the person making the application, but it can hurt more people than they can imagine.

And like the DeepNude team that made it on Twitter, their website is only temporarily down due to heavy traffic, they will surely return a day away ….

Duy Luân

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