Decode the world's largest man, 1,171 children in 32 years
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Decode the world’s largest man, 1,171 children in 32 years

Genghis Khan – the leader of the Mongolian army, was not the most prolific man in the world, the title belonged to Sultan Moulay Ismaïl – the brutal and bloody king of Morocco with the number of 1,171 children. people. This is the man with the most children in the history of the world ever.

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Sultan Moulay Ismaïl (1645-1727) is one of the greatest figures in Morocco’s history (Morocco), a country located in Northern Africa. He ascended to the throne at the age of 26, when Morocco was weakened by internal war among tribes. But with the right policies, he quickly restored the country.

Sultan Moulay Ismaïl (1645-1727) is one of the greatest figures in Morocco's history

Moulay Ismaïl was considered a brutal and bloodthirsty king. During 55 years of his reign, he led the heads of about 400 opposition leaders and politicians, more than 30,000, not to mention the dead enemies on the battlefield. Even this brutal king has ordered the display of thousands of skulls of enemies in his enthronement ceremony.

With his women, Ismaïl always punished severely if anyone dared to commit adultery. He personally strangled them to death or ordered their teeth removed or their breasts removed. Men who had their eyes on Ismaïl’s wife or concubine were also executed.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Sultan Ismaïl is the most prolific man in the world in history, with 888 children. But Dominique Busnot, a French diplomat who visited Morocco under Sultan Ismaïl in 1704, notes that the emperor had 1,171 offspring from four official wives and 500 concubines. At that time, Sultan Ismaïl was king for 32 years and turned 57.

Ismaïl actually had the capacity to produce 1171 children

Previously, some scientists did not believe that King Ismaïl could have as many children as Busnot announced. Because they believe that women can only conceive in a few days a month, the remaining time no matter how strong the sperm is, it is impossible to fertilize the egg.

A team of researchers at the University of Vienna (Austria) conducted experiments to find the answer to this question. They built computer simulation programs to determine how many times Sultan Ismaïl would need to “have sex” in 32 years to become the father of 1,171 children. These simulations are based on at least three common fertility models, providing all the possibilities of menstrual cycles for women who have “had sex” with Sultan Ismaïl, a time tone. ovulation and vitality of the king.

From the data show that, to produce such record numbers, Sultan Ismaïl only needs to maintain the frequency of “love” to be accurate from 0.83 to 1.43 times / day. Even, he just “sex” with 65 to 110 women is enough, not need to use the harem of 4 wives and 500 concubines.

Elisabeth Oberzaucher, research author at the University of Vienna (Austria), said that depending on the simulation program used will give different research results. But Ismaïl actually had the capacity to produce 1171 children.

In early 2014, this study was published in Plos Once.


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