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Decode the feeling "fell from above" When you sleep, you suddenly wake up

When you are sleeping soundly, you are startled awake because you find yourself falling from above or stepping into space? What is going on with you?

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Feeling "falling from above" when sleeping

This phenomenon occurs in most people, including people who are healthy and have good sleep. Scientists call this phenomenon myoclonic – “dreaming convulsions”. When we sleep, our respiratory rate drops suddenly, and our brain judges that the dying body should send out a pulse that will awaken the whole body.

Do not worry, Myoclonic is a normal physiological manifestation, is an involuntary muscle contraction reflex, fast speed, similar to an electric shock. This phenomenon is similar to hiccups or cramping when active, not caused by illness.

We cannot control this behavior. After falling asleep, the brain mistakenly assumes that you are about to fall from above, triggering an instinctive response to muscle contraction to maintain balance, causing the body to produce strong vibrations. This is what causes you to suddenly feel like you’re stepping into the void that happens in your dreams.

Falling in a dream will startle you awake

According to estimates, about 70% of people have experienced this feeling. This involuntary muscle twitching often appears in the arms, legs, even the whole body.

Occasionally myoclonic phenomenon is normal. But if convulsions occur many times often, you must pay attention to your health.

Some causes of startling phenomena wake up because dreams fall from above

Too tired

During the day you are faced with high work pressure, which causes excessive stress that can cause myoclonic phenomena.

Excessive fatigue can cause myoclonic phenomena

Calcium deficiency

Low blood calcium can cause excessive nervous and muscle excitement leading to seizures.

Weak kidney and liver

The kidneys are weak and the blood is not enough.

Myoclonic has a disease nature

Myoclonic may be a symptom of brain diseases such as degeneration of brain, encephalitis, traumatic brain damage of trauma, … If seizures occur with dizziness, headache, You need to go to the hospital for a CT scan of the brain or an MRI to get a test.

How to prevent seizures during sleep?

According to experts, sleep-related seizures occur randomly without worry. We cannot control them but we can minimize this phenomenon. Such as reducing coffee drinking, reducing stress, relaxing before bed, planning to complete the tasks of the day …


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