Death Stranding Director’s Cut to bond with PS5 soon

While the Summer Game Fest from Geoff Keighley had just started, we already had a visit from a mystery guest. And although we had good reason to believe thatHideo Kojima would be present during the conference, it was a great pleasure to note his presence, presence which could have meant a lot of things, but for all that, we will have to be content with “little”, namely the announcement of Death Stranding Director’s Cut, coming soon to PS5. Our very slim hopes regarding the announcement of a hypothetical Silent Hill, or even simply the announcement of a new license in development, will therefore not hold for long.

However Hideo Kojima knows how to play with our emotions and especially when it comes to touching the sensitive chord of Metal Gear fans. But, even if he has fun here to turn Norman Reedus slightly ridiculous to offer us a little joke around the license which will have brought him to the rank of visionary of the video game, with a title integrating Director’s Cut, we imagine that ‘in addition to the improvements inherent in the PS5, we should also find some additional content there, and we would well imagine some kind of new game mode turned towards the infiltration to return us to the feelings which we liked so much in the past in the Metal Gear license, like the atmosphere posed in the video. But for the moment, no announcement on what exactly will contain this Death Stranding Director’s Cut has not been made.

Also, this announcement was still expected by many fans of the game, and it remains excellent news to see this game arrive on PS5 in a specific version, especially because it should mean that it will exploit it as it should. Dualsense. And when we know how this can radically change the experience in some games, it will be very interesting to find out. No release date for the moment, a simple “soon” wanting everything and nothing at the same time but we imagine, and especially hope, that it should happen between now and the start of September.


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