Death of Thomas Cameron Teenage girl sentenced to 30 months

Death of Thomas Cameron Teenage girl sentenced to 30 months

Involved in the violent death of Thomas Cameron in Sherbrooke in August 2019, a 17-year-old girl was sentenced Thursday to a 30-month sentence in the Youth Chamber of the Sherbrooke courthouse.

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Last October, the teenager admitted her guilt to one count of manslaughter, a crime punishable by a maximum sentence of three years under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

The inanimate body of Thomas Cameron was discovered at Adrien-Cambron Park in the middle of the evening on August 3, 2019.

A publication ban prevents us from disclosing the details of the assault as a 19-year-old is awaiting trial for premeditated murder.

As the teenager has been held in closed custody at the youth center since her arrest in August 2019, the sentence handed down today is for fifteen months.

The first twelve months consist of an open custody at the youth center and will be followed by release with conditions for the following three months. The teenager will then have to undergo a one-year probationary follow-up which includes a curfew for the first six months.

The mother of the victim, Karine Cameron, testified on the impacts of this tragedy during the pronunciation of the sentence. Aware of the limitations of the youth criminal justice system, which is premised on the rehabilitation of young offenders, the mother said she was satisfied with the way the case ended.

It is next February 1 that we will know if the other accused, now adult, will opt for a trial by judge alone or by jury.

Given his age and the seriousness of the crime, the prosecution has already made it known that it will seek an adult sentence if it were to be found guilty.


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