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Deaf man suing Pornhub for videos with no subtitles

Yaroslav Suris, a man living in New York, USA, has decided to file a lawsuit against 3 porn websites: Pornhub, RedTube and YouPorn for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) on allegations. that their videos do not have detailed captions / subtitles, thereby affecting the experience of deaf viewers like him.

The ADA Act was enacted in 1990 in an attempt to equalize ordinary people and people with disabilities, so Yaroslav said that the aforementioned porn sites do not have detailed captions / subtitles for videos that have been photographed. seriously affecting his experience in particular and those with hearing impairments in general, “Websites that obstruct the experience of deaf and hard of hearing people violate the law. The ADA Act is to ensure “Disabled people are still treated equally like everyone else,” he said.

Yaroslav said that he was willing to pay to buy Pornhub’s premium package, but he did not think the premium package would have detailed annotations for videos compared to the free watch account. In response to the allegations, Pornhub vice president Corey Price said the service has detailed annotations for their videos, along with a link to prove (the link is not included in the original article). .

Previously, Yaroslav Suris also sued Fox News, New York Post and several other online news sites with allegations of violating the ADA law. Suris is now suing Pornhub for damages.

Comment: I also don’t know how to subtitle for porn videos, maybe:
– Actor: [Thở gấp gáp] ….
– Actress: [Rên rỉ] …. [Tiếp tục rên] ….

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