Dead body found in ‘wreckage of an airplane’ in Iceland 2 Chinese tourists die strangely-united daily

Two Chinese tourists in their 20s were found dead at the scene of an air crash in southern Iceland 47 years ago. Icelandic police are pursuing their identity. The forensic officer will autopsy the two dead early next week to determine their cause of death. According to preliminary information obtained by investigators, no signs of a ‘criminal act’ by a third party were found at the scene, and both of the dead showed symptoms of hypothermia.

Police pointed out that the two dead were a man and a woman, who were found dead on the black beach of Sorjima Sand on the southern coast of Iceland. In 1973, a U.S. military plane crashed there. The wreckage of the military plane has not yet been removed and has become a tourist attraction, attracting many tourists to watch it.

Police received a report on Thursday that a woman’s body was found on a trail leading to the wreckage of the military plane. About two hours later, agents found the body of the male deceased not far away. Investigators found the car they rented in a nearby parking lot. The Chinese embassy has been notified.

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