DDD of the main Brazilian cities
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DDD of the main Brazilian cities

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DDD or Direct Dialing is a telephone communication system carried out between different cities. It consists of 2 digits that designate the main urban areas in the country.

  • How to make a long distance call

  • Codes of the main Brazilian operators

  • DDD of Brazilian capitals

How to make a long distance call

To make long distance calls, that is, from one city to another, just obey the following order: 0 + Operator code + DDD of destination city + phone number.

For example, if you live in Salvador and want to make a call to Rio de Janeiro, through the operator Vivo, you should compose: 0 + 15 + 21 + phone number.

For long distance communication collect, just add one 9 before the 0, that is: 90 + 15 + 21 + phone number.

Codes of the main Brazilian operators

The numbers associated with national operators are:

Alive: 15

Hi: 31

Of course: 21

Tim: 41

Convergia: 32

Intelig-Tim: 23

CTBC: 12

Sercomtel: 43

DDD of Brazilian capitals

Brazil consists of 26 states and one Federal District. In the list below, check the DDD prefixes of your capitals and, to know the codes of all cities, consult this link:

Sao Paulo-SP): 11

Rio de Janeiro – RJ): 21

Vitória (ES): 27

Belo Horizonte (MG): 31

Curitiba (PR): 41

Florianópolis (SC): 48

Porto Alegre (RS): 51

Brasilia DF): 61

Goiânia (GO): 62

Palmas (TO): 63

Cuiabá (MT): 65

Campo Grande, MS): 67

Rio Branco (AC): 68

Porto Velho (RO): 69

Salvador BA): 71

Aracaju (SE): 79

Recife PE): 81

Maceió (AL): 82

João Pessoa (PB): 83

Natal, RN): 84

Fortaleza (CE): 85

Teresina (PI): 86

Belém (PA): 91

Manaus (AM): 92

Boa Vista (RR): 95

Macapá (AP): 96

São Luís (MA): 98

Photo: © Jim Reardan – Unsplash

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