Days Gone and other Sony games to get PC releases

After Horizon Zero Dawn or Death Stranding, Sony continues to release its console exclusives on our good old PCs. So yes, when we say “old” it’s only an expression, because to run the games in question you need a lot more than a Pentium 4 and a Ge Force MX2. Especially since the next game announced as arriving this spring, Days Gone, could also be quite greedy.

Definitely, it’s a good day for Sony, because after the announcement of the postponement of Gran Turismo to 2022 and that of a new virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 5, here it is Jim Ryan also drops some information on a certain Days Gone, but not only. As we told you in the preamble, the game from Bend Studio will have a PC release, except that’s not all. Because in his interview with GQ, Ryan also claimed that Sony’s strategy has evolved regarding PC gaming.

We are now at the start of 2021 and the state of health of our studios and the games they have developed has never been better. Particularly if we are talking about the second half of the life of the PlayStation 4, which saw great and superb games coming out of our studios.

There is an opportunity for us to introduce a larger audience to these great games and to take into account the economic costs of development, which is not always easy to do. Development costs go up with each new cycle, as the quality of licenses increases. Also, it is now easier for us today to offer our games to people not officiating on consoles.

There is therefore a double discourse below which results in the same conclusion. Sony intends to expand its audience and therefore its impact on players by offering its console exclusives on PC, but also to amortize the production costs of these funds, which in a logic of profit is quite normal. Thus, the Japanese firm would no longer be behind on this precise point against Microsoft, which has developed its PC catalog as never before with the Xbox One and the Gamepass.

But whatever the reason, we gamers can only rejoice in Sony’s openness to the PC and it’s true that we can’t wait to see what the future holds. Imagine The Last of Us part II, Ghost of Tsushima or God of War running on powerful PCs …


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