[DAY컷] Park Eun-seok's puppy, Molly, revealed

[DAY컷] Park Eun-seok’s puppy, Molly, revealed

Park Eun-suk’s puppy, Molly, “Watching’Nahonsan’ again”
Park Eun-seok’s puppy Molly’s popularity surges↑
Park Eun-suk shared the recent status of the puppy Molly (Golden Retriever).

On the 25th, Eunseok Park said, “(MBC’I Live Alone’) is watching a rerun. Molly” and posted a photo.

Park Eun-suk’s puppy Molly was included in the released photo. Park Eun-seok’s puppy, Molly, seems to be focusing on reruns of’I Live Alone’. Park Eun-seok captured this on the camera.

Earlier, Park Eun-seok appeared in the’I Live Alone’ rainbow live corner, which aired on the 22nd. Park Eun-seok, who rented a detached house in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi-do, showed rural life there. Park Eun-seok, who enjoys various leisure activities such as camping, boasted a different charm from the appearance in the work through the broadcast.

In particular, in the process, Park Eun-seok’s puppy was a viewing point that made viewers laugh. Thanks to this, the mysterious Park Eun-seok image also appealed to viewers with a human and familiar charm with the dog’s Molly effect.

After the broadcast, the reaction to Park Eun-suk’s puppy Molly was hot, and Park Eun-suk delivered the current status of the puppy Molly and responded to the fans.

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