[Đâu Là Tốt #9] iOS Vs. Android: The war for more than a decade has shown no sign of cooling off
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[Đâu Là Tốt #9] iOS Vs. Android: The war for more than a decade has shown no sign of cooling off

IPhone users with iOS and Android phone users for more than 10 years have always had battles between users on both sides, everyone thinks their home is the best. So now iOS Vs. What are the pros and cons of Android?

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I know this topic is sensitive, so try to write as objectively as possible. Readers need to add, debate or comment, then leave below the commet, I will answer 100%.

iOS – The weapon that makes iPhone unparalleled

When Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone in 2007, it was also the opening shot for the smartphone war and the birth of iOS. Over the past 13 years, Apple has grown to iOS 13 as well as showing the unbreakable sustainability of this operating system.

Fast and smooth is the word that best describes every mention of iOS. Any iPhone generation has an extremely high performance score, beating other top Android rivals. And even though the iPhone 7 Plus was launched in 2016, when it was updated to the latest iOS 13, it was surprisingly smooth.

Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone
iPhone 2007 opened the smartphone battle. (Source: Internet)

Because the iPhone runs iOS but is equipped with the Bionic A series chip made by Apple itself. This enabled Apple to combine hardware and software optimally. The latest iOS versions are still compatible and run smoothly on older chip generations. The new chip is upgraded to be able to run well in the next 5 years on the next iOS versions.

The combination of hardware and software also helps Apple do not need to equip too much RAM for iPhone. In fact, iPhone 11 Pro Max also has only 4 GB of RAM, while Android flagships are equipped with double or triple RAM capacity.

iOS also offers an easy-to-use interface for even beginners. I am a user of many Android smartphones, but when I was brought to the iPhone XS Max, I got acquainted very quickly. The gesture, multitasking on iPhone models without a Home button makes me feel most satisfied because there is no need to use a virtual Home button.

The old iPhone is still smooth
The previous iPhone is still smoother than the current Android smartphone. (Source: Internet)

As an operating system specifically developed by Apple, iOS ensures very high security. Every time the app is downloaded on the App Store, the iPhone requires an authentication again with a fingerprint or Face ID. The iPhone’s Face ID system also received a high rating for its security.

Once you have signed in to iCloud cloud storage service on your iPhone, you must remember your ID and password to manage your phone. If you do not remember iCloud, users can not sync data, restore factory settings or even turn your iPhone into a “brick” if manipulated improperly.

Lock iCloud
If iCloud is locked, the iPhone will become a proper brick. (Source: Internet)

“Buying an iPhone will never be outdated” is a fairly correct judgment. Not to mention the design, iPhone 6S launched from 2015 until now is still supported to update to iOS 13. The operating system update cycle of iPhone will last from 4 to 5 years, so older iPhone users still Get the latest software experience. Now in 2020, if you buy an iPhone 11 or iPhone SE 2020 running iOS 13, you will be supported to update to iOS 17 or iOS 18 (if you are still using that iPhone).

It is the long-term update that makes the number of iPhone users increasing. So developers in the app will prefer iOS, launching the app on the Apple app market first. Many applications and games are always available on the App Store before CH Play.

IOS update chart of iPhone
IPhone statistics chart is updated to the new iOS. (Source: Internet)

Due to its closed source operating system, iOS is not capable of customizing the interface. Users still have the right to change the background image and ringtone but the application icon and toolbar colors are fixed. This will be boring for users, because year-round looking at those icons is always boring and not all of iOS icons are beautiful.

No bloatware, malware or viruses. Almost no iPhone has been infected with a virus, data leakage at all. It is also true, if you close your house tightly, do not interact with the outside, you are afraid of theft.

iOS only plays with iPhone! Because of security, users cannot download applications outside the App Store. A lot of cool applications are available on CH Play but absent on iOS make iPhone users extremely thirsty.

iOS 13
iOS only “play its own”. (Source: Internet)

There are many ways to share data between two phones, such as NFC or sending via the OTT messaging application. However, I like using Bluetooth, but Bluetooth on iPhone can’t “shoot” data via Android.

Therefore, iPhone users want to jailbreak (unlock) their iPhone to have the right to intervene more deeply into the device. Jailbreaking once became a trend of iPhone users. However, Apple does not want anyone to break their door, so they set up an anti-theft system, the recent jailbreak of the iPhone is no longer frantic. It seems that users have learned to accept!

Android leads the market with many improvements

The Android operating system was developed based on the Linux platform and is for smartphones and tablets. Initially, Android was developed by Android, Inc. with financial support from Google and was later acquired by Google in 2005. The HTC Dream (also known as T-Mobile G1) was the first Android phone to be sold in 2008. Now Android has been developed by Google to Android version 10.

HTC Dream
HTC Dream is the first Android smartphone. (Source: Internet)

Because of the open source nature, every phone manufacturer can use and customize Android in the style of each company. Android smartphones can now include names like Samsung, OPPO, Huawei, Xiaomi, Nokia, Vivo, … in Vietnam, there is Vsmart. So that Android phones have high coverage, variety of models and prices, especially the price is more accessible than the iPhone. In 2017, Android accounted for 87.7% of the worldwide smartphone market share in the second quarter with a total of 2 billion active devices and 1.3 million daily activations.

Unlike iOS, which is closed source, Android is generous when it allows users to install applications from various sources using APK files. Android users are not limited by the app store on CH Play, major manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, OPPO also have their own application market preinstalled with the device. This spaciousness allows Android users to experience beta apps and games early.

Android download APK
With Android, applications can be downloaded from multiple sources and installed using APK files. (Source: Internet)

Besides, Android is also very interested in user creativity because of its high customization. That creates opportunities for manufacturers to customize the interface, icons or add exclusive features to smartphones, creating the unique characteristics of each company. If you do not like the default interface of the device, Android users can change the interface, carefree custom shape and size of application icons. Manufacturers like Nokia have chosen to use non-customized native Android, but users can still download other launchers instead.

In particular, Android has something the iPhone doesn’t have: The main screen. Android users have the right to store the app in the app drawer or the second app page, leaving the first page as the home screen. I personally prefer the device with the main screen, because I want to show my personal ego on the main screen, marking my phone. I want the home screen to be completely blank.

Besides, Android also has many multitasking features that iOS does not. For example, picture-in-picture, when watching videos on the web, you can zoom them back to the corner of the screen and open up other applications. Or split screen into two parts, half watching YouTube, the other half surfing Facebook or browsing the web.

Samsung Galaxy S20
Android phones have a home screen. (Source: Internet)

Virtual assistant Google is smarter than Siri virtual assistant on iPhone! Of course, we often say “Google knows what you don’t know,” with a large database Google can answer every user’s questions. In particular, our Google sister has learned through a Vietnamese course, so she has a very good level of Vietnamese speaking and listening. Moreover, right as a “sister”, the virtual assistant Google can also sing, write poems, comfort when you’re sad, … Not only smarter than Siri, “sister Google” is more emotional than Siri .

Along with that, Android is also backed by an ecosystem like Google Drive, Google Mail, Google Maps, Google Keep, Google Photo, … All of which are synchronized to the user’s Google account. Compared to the cloud computing system of iOS, Android is devastating in this regard. Not to mention, this ecosystem can also be used on the web.

Google virtual assistant
“Sister Google” shows wisdom. (Source: Internet)

However, Android users are still not in complete control of their phones. Therefore, the trend of rooting, bootloader the machine takes place in series. Rooting the device will have more control over the system, performing things like changing fonts, … But apparently these days, rooting an Android phone no longer makes users salty. Mainly rooting to scratch the device only.

Because it is easy to root and use open source, the security of Android is much worse than iOS, making it vulnerable to viruses and malware.

Root Android 10
Root Android gives more control over the phone. (Source: Internet)

Android phones do not have more than 2 models equipped with the same configuration. CPU manufacturers are as many as Qualcomm, MediaTek, Spectrum, .. each company has a different way of making chips, so the optimization of hardware and software is not as good as iOS. Android phones no matter how high configuration are not as smooth as the most advanced iPhone. That’s right, one side closed the door to let no one in, the other side opened the door to invite people into the house, of course the party that didn’t let anyone in had enough space to operate.

So Samsung and Huawei created their own chips to optimize the performance of their smartphones, but it was not very satisfactory. Hardware and software work well together, I think Huawei does the best.

The biggest shortcoming of Android is not supporting long-term updates. The life cycle of a very high Android phone is only 2 years. The most lazy software update manufacturer is Samsung. The most up-to-date manufacturer is probably Huawei and Nokia. “The former king” Nokia has cooperated with Google so its smartphones are in the Android One program, low-cost smartphones are still supported for updates 2-3 years.

Update Android
Android smartphones do not support long-term updates. (Source: Internet)

iOS Vs. Android, which side do you choose?

iOS Vs. Android has been fighting for more than a decade, but the battle is not over until both sides have improvements to their products. I have used both sides of this operating system from cheap smartphones to high-end smartphones and I cannot deny that the iPhone is really smooth. But I don’t like using iPhone. Performance is not something I care about when choosing a phone, because most mid-range phones are also good for stability.

Add one more factor, iPhone is not necessarily smoother than Android. Android flagship screens have a lot of technology (90Hz, 120Hz), so the new smartphones are still very competitive with the iPhone. But use 6 months to 1 year, then understand who suddenly slowed down, who still runs the ferry.

As I said above, I like to customize my phone to my liking, so the lack of a home screen and no interface changes make me boring. Android also has many features I like such as Messenger chat bubbles (many game players do not like this one), have a professional shooting mode. I also don’t need to be able to use a phone for more than 2 years, so I don’t need to update either. Well, using an Android phone is easier to borrow from a phone charger and a headset.

That’s my own opinion, but do you prefer using an iPhone or an Android phone? Please comment below the comments section!

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