Datuk Wu Jianping, President of the Chinese Federation of Miri Province, hosted a reunion dinner for the chairman of the 72 affiliates-Lianhe Daily

(Newspaper, Miri, 20th) Datuk Wu Jianping, President of the Federation of Chinese Associations in Miri Province, said that eating Chinese New Year’s Eve is a long and fine Chinese cultural tradition. I hope that Hua will always implement and uphold the culture of “Eating Reunion” and continue Hosting this most significant “family dinner” every year makes the Spring Festival more harmonious.

He said that as the new President of the People’s Republic of China, this is the first and the first new year, and he hopes that the new year will have new prospects and new innovations. He also hopes that President Hua truly can show a family.

“Hua is always a big family. It is connected by 72 affiliates, and I am the president of this big family. I hope to see the New Year, every family celebrates reunion, and the big family of President Hua must also have a reunion. “

He spoke at a dinner party at the Furama Restaurant tonight when he invited the presidents and chairmen of the affiliates to have a reunion dinner.

He said that the meaning of reunion is to hope that everyone is together, to promote friendship, to understand each other, and to have a good exchange. The most important thing is to hope that President Hua will take action to achieve unity in a large family.

He described them as brothers and sisters, and they had a family reunion dinner together, hoping to have a reunion dinner together every year. He hopes that it is not just the beginning, and every year there will be a reunion dinner.

The banquet was feasted by Dato ‘Wu Jianping, and 72 presidents or chairmen of President Hua’s affiliate were invited to attend, with more than 50 representatives in total.


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