Dating apps used for recreational sex
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Dating apps used for recreational sex

About one in five French people have already used a dating app. A study carried out by Ifop shows the different forms of “trash dating” popular on apps like Tinder, Happn, Grindr.

Lots of “fuckboys”

Women believe to57% the proportion of “fuckboys“, men who wish sleeping with a woman without pursuing then the relationship, encountered on the sites. But women are not left out for this kind of relationship either. They are estimated at 39% to do the same.

Flirting techniques without any romanticism

Another finding of the Ifop survey is that flirting techniques have no romance. 32% of men and 19% of women admit to having done fishing, that is to say to have sent the same message to several people then to have exchanged then with the one who answered first, by dropping the others.

Another technique used on dating apps: the serendipidating or the fact of postpone the first date hoping to meet someone better in the meantime. This technique is used more in women than in men: 37% against 27%.

First date scams

The first date is often far from wonderful! Between the profile photo which does not correspond to reality, the rabbit pose … There is something to be disappointed with.

In fact, two-thirds of people who went to a meeting encountered someone who did not match the profile displayed. Result, 53% did everything to shorten as much as possibleThis meeting. 32% have already found themselves alone at the meeting, the other person not having come. There are more men who have experienced this situation than women: 42% against 23%.

Meetings without tomorrow

Going to a first date does not mean that we will meet again. Indeed, 56% of men and 53% of women did not hear from them afterwards. François Kraus, from Ifop, sums up this new trend as follows:

People used to masturbate, today they go to Tinder to masturbate with each other’s body. There is a loss of the use of the most basic forms of respect or courtesy. Potential mates are hunted as selectively as in big game fishing.

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